In the modern era, using the internet is becoming a necessity for companies in order to increase productivity and competition in the dynamic market. For this reason, data entry job is becoming popular in companies that highly depend on the internet to support their business operations. However, before that, what is a data entry job? According to its definition, data entry is a particular job where people can write and convert written information into workable digital data. In essential businesses and enterprises, the use of data entry is important to transcribe and digitize high volume transactions of data for daily operations.  

Usually, this kind of job requires people who are experienced in using keyboards, accurate in their work results, and capable of following a tight deadline. The reason is that these experts might have to transcribe multiple phone conversations and written documents every day, so the deadline will always be tight. In order to be able to bear with this kind of responsibility, the professionals must increase their professionalism by taking up different kinds of tasks. Because of that, many companies require experts from this enterprise to handle their high volume transactions of data. 

In the data entry industry, there are different kinds of tasks each with particular skills. They consist of: 

  • Coder 

At a glance, programmers and coders have the same responsibilities, which is making computer software based on certain computer languages. In truth, both have the same kind of tasks, although coder is a recently used term to refer experts in this skill. To work on their tasks, coders write, test, maintain, and debug their computer programs in order to ensure full working conditions for their problem-solving tasks. 

  • Typist 

Data entry also requires people who are skilled in typing words into workable data. Typists themselves are divided into different specializations. Typists consist of data entry typist (typing data into a database with a computer), audio typist (typing written information by using audio equipment), and copy typist (typing information by using printed or handwritten sources). 

  • Transcriber 

Transcribing means typing certain information from audio sources into written texts of data. Almost similar to audio typists in the previous point, transcribers convert audio transcriptions from live conversations. This kind of skill is useful for enterprises that rely on conversational records with their clients to support their tasks. 

  • Word processor 

From other kinds of specializations in this industry, the word processors will always rely on a device or computer program to input and edit texts. Experts in word processors use this kind of technique to convert information into workable data. 

Even though professional data entry experts are highly sought, companies usually outsource them as a replacement for in-house experts. While this might surprise outsiders, outsourcing experts from third parties are a common practice for companies. Relying on in-house experts will not be very effective as their experience is constrained within the scope of their own companies. On the other hand, experts from third parties who are proficient in outsourcing business can provide a wealth of real-world experience in handling these jobs. 

From here, we can start understanding the difference between in-house experts and outsourced experts. 

In-house experts 

  • Possible to earn a regular wage from the employers 
  • Additional benefits from the company 
  • Tied to a specified schedule 

Outsourced experts 

  • Capable of choosing their own work hours 
  • Can work anywhere 
  • Will not receive additional benefits from their clients 

Despite their differences, professional data experts who are either in-house experts or outsourced experts will always have to uphold their reliability and effectiveness. Although businesses will always need data entry experts in some ways, word of mouth and recommendation can go so far as to provide advice about the best data entry services. For that reason, commitment to deliver the best services should be the priority of all experts who work in this particular industry. 

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15 April 2021