Regarding Sales Reporting App

Regarding Sales Reporting App

One of the ways to increase business process in the modern age is by utilizing digital technologies such as sales reporting app. This innovation makes it possible for users to record sales activities in real time so that sales report can be stored, organized, and overseen more easily and quicker.

What is Sales Reporting App?

True to its name, sales reporting app is a software application to record sales activities. As the modern age progresses, this app is no longer bound to web-based platform only, but also into other platforms such as mobile app.

The arrival of mobile app makes business processes within companies quicker. As the system is accessible anywhere and anytime through smartphone, every single business activities can be monitored more practically.

, Regarding Sales Reporting App, Advance Innovations

Benefits of Sales Reporting App

Despite its noticeable fame within business actors, not every company (especially middle to large-scale company) realizes the importance of sales reporting app for their business.

To understand this better, these are some benefits of sales report app.

1. More Practical Employee Surveillance

A sales employee must mobilize him/herself in the field to reach the company’s business target. However, one of the most time-consuming obstacle is the obligation to fill the attendance list in the office despite the salesperson’s urgent task in the field.

Usually, sales report apps have been outfitted with location trackingfeature with online presence feature. This makes it possible for employees to fill their attendance regardless of time and location, so employees can focus on the time and their job description in the field. Moreover, companies can also verify the attendance data quicker so both sides can benefit from this app.

2. Real Time Surveillance on Sales Reports

Sales reporting app enables the ability for salespersons to update their report in the system immediately upon finishing their tasks. For example, Distributor Company “A” can immediately update the status of its products’ stock number as soon as the distribution is finished, or even when the distribution is still ongoing.

Supervisors can also oversee the salespersons’ activities in real time. This makes it easier for internal evaluation for the next business decisions.

3. Easier Communication Channel

The information deliverance method to the sales team still uses casual steps of word-to-word communication such as through WhatsApp coordination groups or the like. It is not exactly ineffective, but it can be quite troublesome if the company wants to do data retracing and organizing in those groups on a later date.

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Sales report apps will make the communication easier since all of the sales-related activities can be done in just one platform. Information and coordination deliverance can be done quicker and easier.

Now then, these are some important benefits about sales report app as a solution for companies’ businesses acceleration in the modern age. The presence of this kind of service provider such as AdIns can become an alternative that you actually need.

AdIns presents Mobile Order as a sales report app with some cutting-edge technological features such as GPS indicator, attendance in, push notification, and other advanced features. This will help you in making true of your business potential and deleting unimportant data entries. Therefore, your company can allocate and focus invaluable human resources to more substantial business activities as per your company’s core business. 

, Regarding Sales Reporting App, Advance Innovations

Conventional Sales Reporting

Many beginners who have just started running their businesses still use conventional sales reporting. In addition, conventional sales reporting is also widely used by small and medium businesses. The number of sales that are not too large makes the use of conventional sales reporting still usable, but for businesses that have a large enough number of sales, this method will be very inconvenient and require a lot of time and effort which can actually hinder the business process.

Conventional sales reporting is usually done by manual recording using books or paper. In fact, if you are still using the Excel program, you have to create and memorize certain Excel formulas. Here are some comparisons of conventional sales reporting and Mobile Reporting App, including:

In conventional sales reporting, each sale is done conventionally and manually. Meanwhile, if you use the Mobile Reporting App, the recording will be done automatically by inputting data using a certain form.

  • Calculation of conventional sales reporting is done manually by using tools such as calculators. Meanwhile, if you use the Mobile Reporting App, the calculation will be done automatically.
  • In conventional sales reporting, it is more likely that there will be errors in recording transaction data and calculations. Meanwhile, if you use the Mobile Reporting App, this error can be prevented and minimized so that it does not occur.
  • Conventional sales reporting framework is also less effective and efficient than the Mobile Reporting App. We have to create our own framework manually and if you are not experienced, you should look for references first. However, with the Mobile Reporting App, you only need to input pre-programmed data so that the process is more efficient.
  • Conventional sales reporting can be time-consuming and slow in serving customers. Meanwhile, when using the Mobile Reporting App, the service process will be faster so that it can save time.
  • Because conventional sales reporting is done manually, the inspection must be carried out several times and requires more accuracy so that there are no errors in the sales report results. Meanwhile, if you use the Mobile Reporting App, the results of the sales report will be completed more quickly and accurately.
  • Confidentiality of conventional sales reporting data is not guaranteed or safe, because if it is not stored properly it will be easier for others to read and access. Meanwhile, in the Mobile Reporting App, all data in the database will be stored securely because it uses a password.
  • Conventional sales reporting takes a long time to process and generate sales reports, which can hinder business decision making. However, this can be done more effectively and efficiently if you use the Mobile Reporting App, so that it can speed up making the right business decisions.

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Digitization of Sales Process

Today, customers demand more information and control over the various communication channels and how they buy a product. Some customers prefer self-service to having to talk to customer service and staff. Besides, now almost all customers use smartphones and are connected to the internet all the time, so businesses have to adapt to this changing habit.

Therefore, businesses also need to find ways to integrate digital devices into their sales systems. This can be done using a mobile application or website for the sales process which will certainly make it easier for customers to make transactions and purchases efficiently. Before making a purchase, some customers will seek information about the product or service by browsing websites, social media, and so on. Therefore, it is important for businesses to provide complete information of related products into these communication channels.

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The Use of Digital Forms

Forms are one of the most common ways to get information. Forms are often used when customers will register such as registering a banking account, registering at an educational institution, applying for credit, and others. Along with the development of the modern world that relies on increasingly advanced technology, forms that used to be only in the form of paper have now become digital forms. We often encounter this digital form when we register for email accounts, social media, websites, and so on.

The use of digital forms itself is very practical and will simplify and speed up the process of obtaining and disseminating information, so that management will also be much easier. Currently, the use of digital forms has also developed and is used for various purposes in all industrial fields such as finance and business. This digital form is often used to collect various information and insights from customers so that the business can develop further. With digital forms, businesses can get feedback in the form of product reviews and business services which can be in the form of criticism, suggestions, and new ideas from customers.

Digital form is a versatile document form that can save expenses for stationery, books, note paper and others. In addition, digital forms are not only in the form of text information, but also include information in the form of images, sound recordings, videos, electronic signatures and others

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, Regarding Sales Reporting App, Advance Innovations

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13 August 2020