Ruang Inovasi: “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World”

Ruang Inovasi: “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World”

On Thursday, November 12, 2020, AdIns again held   Webinar Talk Show with the theme “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World” about “How Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) can help Financial Institutions to navigate their way through stormy market”  delivered by Mr. Daniel Adhinugraha W as  Business Unit Head and accompanied by Mr. Martin Eric Gunawan from Docupro Section Head AdIns at 14:00 – 15:00 WIB, via Zoom Online Meeting. 

The topics discussed at this talk show included: 

  1. Flexible and Agile Operation to reach the targeted company performance. 
  2. The smart way to reduce operational cost. 
  3. Practical strategy to handle the fluctuating amount of staff in low season or high season. 
, Ruang Inovasi: “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World”, Advance Innovations

Business conditions in the financial industry at this time during the pandemic force us to discover more things to prepare for the future which makes us think more creatively. Changes in people’s habits significantly affect market movements where markets move gradually and fluctuate to adapt to the current pandemic. As a result, companies especially the financial industry, have to rack their brains to keep up with this fluctuating movement so that they can survive in an ambiguous situation like today. 

A solution that companies can do to deal with this condition is to make their organization more agile, namely the ability of the organization to change swiftly and effectively to respond to changes in its surroundings. By designing the organization to be more lean and flexible with the flow of the business is the key to organizational success to adapt. As the company organization is smaller, it will be easier to maneuver and mobilize to be highly adaptive and agile. A way that can be used is by transferring some parts of the work to third parties through Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). 

By utilizing BPO, there are several advantages that a company can get, including: 

  1. Effectivity 

In multi-finance companies, such as data entry jobs, large company branches are more productive since they have large transactions and applications. So they receive a massive volume of work. However, small branches are often less productive since their work volume is less frequent. Therefore, if they hand out this task to the BPO who focuses on this particular job, the data entry task will be more effective. 

  1. Lean organizations 

By transferring particular works to third parties, the company will be able to focus more on their main business, as well as the organization. As a result, the company becomes lean. 

  1. Adaptive  

Since it has a good effectivity and is a smaller organization, the company becomes more adaptive in keeping up with the fluctuating market movements. An example of the ups and downs experienced by one of AdIns’ clients at the beginning of the pandemic, the number of transactions decreased by 80% in April, then increased to 500% in May. This due to a policy from the government regarding credit relaxation. By using assistance from BPO like Docupro from AdIns, clients do not need to think about the number of data entry workers, because general tasks like this will be done by this third party so that the company team itself can focus more on developing its business. 

  1. Cost Efficiency. 

The cost of self-managed data entry itself is high. In small branches that receive a small work volume, this is less productive and efficient. By using BPO services like Docupro from AdIns, the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) will decrease significantly since the cost is thrifty than the self-management cost for manpower, office overhead/space, equipment, utilities, and so on. 

Docupro is one of the services provided by AdIns to assist companies in processing company documents. For example, data entry, this service assists in processing application documents, such as financing application documents, credit card applications, and so on. Docupro has a data entry team dedicated to processing the financing application data received from surveyors then entering the data into the client’s core system. Other services are Scanning, Indexing, and backlog document entry to digitize hardcopy documents to make them more accessible to employees, including those who are doing WFH. 

The talk show went on with enthusiasm from speakers and participants who asked enthusiastically so that we easily comprehend how business people deal with the fluctuating market movements during the pandemic and how the BPO as one of the profitable solutions helps to deal with the current situation. If you are interested in knowing more about this Webinar Talk Show, you can listen to it at And if you have other questions regarding AdIns materials or services, you can contact us via email at 

, Ruang Inovasi: “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World”, Advance Innovations
, Ruang Inovasi: “Business Agility In An Ambiguous World”, Advance Innovations

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23 February 2021