As companies are relying more on the internet to perform more tasks, they require many data and information to support their job descriptions. These data can include sales reports, business plans, recovery plans, business deals, and other important documents that are essential in nature. From here, we can see how digital data is the main commodity and currency for companies in order to increase productivity and profit in the modern era. Because of that, a single security breach can significantly disrupt the companies’ workflows and leave the system safety in disarray.

To counter this problem, the securitization of the document data center is becoming the highest priority for companies and institutions that rely on digital documents. This shift marks a stepping stone for companies in the digital era, where securing companies’ personal information is equally important to sustaining their business. Usually, companies come to rely on cloud computing, service-oriented system, and data center operations to manage their information database as a whole. As such, companies should take the matter of security into consideration as the disruption of one section can jeopardize the security of other technology-based infrastructures.

In this regard, building a multilayered security operation is vital for companies. A document data center contains all of the important and confidential documents of a company, so it should be a priority to sustain in this matter. Although national governments can take a role in making a policy about digital technology security, the companies themselves should undertake the process themselves.

There are several impacts if a company does not secure its own document data center:

  • Loss of confidential digital documents
  • Loss of customer trust from customers and clients
  • Punishment for the inability to follow industry regulations (ISO 27001: 2013, SAE 18)

From these impacts alone, companies can suffer significant financial, legal, and non-material losses. So, how can companies secure their personal document data center from being compromised by multiple cyber threats?

To do that, there are several steps:

  • Impose security measures (physical and virtual security)

Although cybercrime actors usually breach their targeted networks with digital means, it is important for a company to secure its document data center via physical means. Human actors are considered some of the most impactful causes behind security breaches. This is exemplified in people who potentially could retrieve confidential information from the physical document data center itself.

To uphold security through physical and virtual means, a company can do several things:

  • Reinforced data center
  • Environmental maintenance (temperature, infrastructure reliability, etc.)
  • Private data center hosting
  • Perform networking monitoring measures

Along with the previous phase, a company should be directly in charge of the network monitoring of its document data center. A strong and direct network monitoring measure can help a company to directly monitor and decide the best security measures. To do this, the company should pay attention to all parties who are currently using the document data center along with occasional transactions of data.

  • Utilize the best and relevant security tools

Using the best security tools is tantamount to a company. To do so, a company can use several popular options such as:

  • ACLs (Access Control List) 

This filtering mechanism grants permission or denial of data traffic. There are two kinds of ACLs, the standard version and the extended version (which provides additional security layers).

  • Firewall 

This filtering device separates LAN segments while providing different security levels, so prioritized segments can be secured significantly when compared to unsecured network segments.

  • Intrusion detection system (IDS) 

This real-time system detects intruders and suspicious activities before reporting them to the network security manager. The system works with sensors that function to secure the document data center from detecting intrusions.

In the end, a secure and reliable document data center can significantly help a company in storing all of its vital documents somewhere safe. A data center, both in its physical or virtual forms, should be secured at all times so that a company will not suffer losses in the near future. With the right steps, making a data center to stay secure can be done effectively.

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Published date :

19 April 2021