Steps on How to Convert Image to Text

Steps on How to Convert Image to Text

Today, we currently live in an era where our daily activities can no longer be separated from the assistance of technology, especially if these activities are supported by the development of the internet, making almost all of them inseparable from digital devices. Many companies also continue to follow technological advances in order to get effective and efficient results for their business, one of which is digitizing several jobs and tasks to convert image to text and make these texts more structured and integrated.

Unfortunately, there are obstacles in the process of digitizing these physical documents, such as the increasing amount of data that need processing as the companies grows larger, which takes up a lot of time and energy. To counteract this, there is the process of document conversion in which users convert image to text that can be read by a computer.

Unlike humans who can easily read the writing in a picture just by looking at it, a computer cannot read and interpret the text in the image that easily, because it requires an instruction in the form of an algorithm to convert the text in the image into understandable characters. For this reason, methods and tools are necessary to carry out this process. Therefore, a new technology was specifically developed to handle this problem, which is character recognition technology (CR). One example of this technology that is often used by companies is OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

, Steps on How to Convert Image to Text, Advance Innovations

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The Use of OCR To Convert Image To Text

OCR is an application that functions to recognize letters or characters in images and then convert image to text readable by a computer. With the OCR application, we can scan an object that contains text, readings or sentences, after which the application will recognize and understand the shape of characters, letters or numbers in an image that we have taken with a cellphone camera or digital camera. In the end, the applications turns the image into text that can be read by the user’s cell phone or computer.

, Steps on How to Convert Image to Text, Advance Innovations

The steps to convert photos into text with satisfying results are as follows.

  • OCR application. A good OCR application must be able to process input and produce output quickly and with high accuracy, and have many available online and offline convert and scan applications for mobile phones and PCs.
  • Camera lens. Object clarity is an essential factor in OCR scanners. If you want to scan an object through a cell phone, the scanned object must be clearly visible and absolutely not blurred. If not, the text data output on the device will not be accurate. As a result, it is important to pay attention to the camera phone’s quality as well. Additionally, the size of the camera lens and the aperture of the camera lens are also major considerations in creating some good images.
  • Objects. Apart from being a scanner, OCR can also convert photo images into text on a particular condition that the text object in the image or photo must be clear, in which the resulting text output is more accurate and less confusing.
  • How to scan OCR. If you want to get satisfying text results, then you have to scan the object with bright enough lighting so that the photo object is not dark and blurry. Meanwhile, to scan objects on a computer, you can use a portable scanner or use a camera connected to a computer as input, then convert it to text as output using the OCR application.

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Now, we hope that now you understand how to convert image to text for your daily needs. Converting photos to text is highly beneficial for students, office workers, companies, and businesses because copying texts from books, notes, and so on is so much easier now since they don’t have to retype the texts. These technological capabilities can make life a lot easier for those who rely on digital tools to support their business.

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21 March 2022