The Importance of an Effective Recruitment Process to Find the Best Employee

The Importance of an Effective Recruitment Process to Find the Best Employee

One of the main tasks of the HRD (human resource department) is to create an effective recruitment process to recruit qualified and professional human resources (HR). However, finding qualified candidates that match the company’s needs is not as easy as we imagine. It is not only a matter of finding candidates with the right competencies but also a race against time and costs. However, an effective recruitment process is vital for optimal business continuity.

In this article, AdIns will explain the meaning of the recruitment process, the problem that you must avoid in the recruitment process, and various reasons why an effective recruitment process is mandatory for all companies, including your company.

Definition of Recruitment

Recruitment is a series of stages consisting of searching, selecting, and accepting candidates according to the position needed. The recruitment process aims to find suitable and qualified candidates. The candidate must also fit the corporate culture to fill the vacant position. Several media are commonly used in the recruitment process such as job advertisements and business networks.

The most common types of recruitment are internal and external recruitment. You can do internal recruitment by looking for candidates from existing employees in the company. Meanwhile, external recruitment refers to the method of finding candidates from outside the company. Usually, many businesses implement external recruitment to fill vacant positions.

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Why is an Effective Recruitment Process so Important for Companies?

The entire business industry is in dire need of an effective recruitment process. Why is it that way? There are many reasons for the importance of effectiveness in the recruitment process. Some of the reasons include the following:

1. Minimizes Risk of Choosing the Wrong Employee

When recruiting new employees, you will likely hire employees who although qualified, do not meet expectations. An effective recruitment process will reduce the risk of these errors by rigorously selecting and screening candidates through a selection process consisting of interviews, competency tests, and a series of other tests.

2. Offers Professional Recruitment Experience for Applicants

Recruitment can be a way to show the existence of your business to the public, especially if your company is known for open recruitment. Candidates and job applicants will experience professional recruitment experience if your company can prepare the process carefully. It is not uncommon for information about your business recruitment process to be shared with other job seekers. Therefore, build a good business image through a professional recruitment process.

3. Increases Efficiency in Recruitment

Effectiveness in the recruitment process can also increase efficiency in terms of time, cost, and effort that must be spent. You can plan the stages of recruitment and the estimated time so that you can focus more on carrying out the task. Not only that, but you can also minimize recruitment costs significantly by reducing unnecessary expenses. By reducing the number of staff involved, they can focus on other more important tasks.

4. Improves Employees Satisfaction

Newly recruited employees can usually affect the satisfaction of employees who have already worked in your business. This relates to the recruitment process that you run. If the process runs smoothly and effectively, you will get candidates with the potential to have satisfactory work performance. The employees in your office will be satisfied with the new employee thanks to their enthusiasm and competence.

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5. Increases Productivity and Business Performance

In the end, effectively selected employees will contribute greatly to your business operations. Business productivity will increase with the presence of productive employees who have the required competencies. This can help your business goals be achieved and you can get bigger profits in each period.

8 Common Recruitment Problems

Employee recruitment often faces various problem that can hinder the process of finding and selecting the right candidate. The following is a complete explanation of the eight problems with employee recruitment that often occur:

1. Limited Option of Applicants

The first problem in recruitment is the limited number of candidates who meet the criteria and requirements set by the company. This problem can occur due to fierce competition in the labor market or lack of involvement of the company in finding potential candidates.

2. Inseparable from the Company’s Image

The recruitment process is also influenced by the company’s image. If the company has a negative image or is less attractive to prospective employees, it will be difficult to attract quality candidates. A good corporate image can increase the interest of job seekers to join the company.

3. Unappealing Job Descriptions

The next problem is job advertisements that are unattractive or unclear. Unattractive or uninformative advertisements can result in low interest from qualified job seekers. Therefore, companies need to create attractive job advertisements that provide complete information about the vacancy and the company.

4. Complicated Recruitment Process

A complicated and lengthy recruitment process can also be a problem. If the process is too time-consuming and convoluted, this can lead to candidates losing interest or looking for other job opportunities. Companies need to ensure that the recruitment process is efficient, transparent, and responsive.

5. Similar Candidates with the Preexisting Candidates

Some companies may tend to look for candidates who have similar profiles to their existing employees. This can narrow the opportunities for new candidates who have different abilities and experiences. Employers need to consider specific needs and find candidates that match the actual job requirements.

6. Repetitive Recruitment Techniques

Another problem is the repeated use of the same recruitment techniques. If a company only relies on one recruitment technique such as through bulletin boards or online media, qualified candidates may not be discovered by the company. Companies need to combine various recruitment techniques to broaden their search base.

7. Overly Rushed Recruitment Process

Sometimes, companies are faced with an urgent need to fill vacant positions which results in sub-optimal and rushed recruiting processes. This can reduce the quality of the selection process and affect the quality of hired employees. Companies need to stick to established procedures and not rush into making decisions.

8. Manual Recruitment System

The final problem is the use of a manual recruitment system. If the company still relies on manual recruitment processes such as physically collecting application files and manually selecting, this can slow down and complicate the recruitment process. Adopting a digital recruitment system or using recruitment software can increase the efficiency and accuracy of the process.

In dealing with these problems, companies need to innovate, involve competent parties in the recruitment process, and continue to improve existing systems to obtain optimal recruitment results.

An in-depth understanding of an effective recruitment process allows business owners to identify the qualifications needed for each position and make better selections in selecting suitable employees. This helps ensure that the business has qualified employees that match the company’s needs.

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