These Are 5 Ways to Solve ERP’s Failure That You Can Try

These Are 5 Ways to Solve ERP’s Failure That You Can Try

Implementing a sophisticated and complex ERP system requires a significant investment of time, effort, and money. If all the requirements for ERP implementation can be carried out, then the results are very good for business operations. However, it is not uncommon for ERP implementations to fail. So, what are the ways to solve ERP’s failure? Now, AdIns would like to share how to do these ways.

Ways to Solve ERP’s Failure

There are five ways to overcome ERP implementation failures that you must know. All of these ways can be referred to as preventive measures before you start the ERP implementation process. So, what are they?

1. Know Your Purpose

Many businesses have tried to use the ERP system. However, they don’t understand what their main purpose is in using the system. Unfortunately for many of them, they see the important thing is to use the ERP system without having a clear purpose in using it.

To prevent that, you must understand the ERP system as a solution to business operational problems. Avoid not knowing the purpose of using ERP at all costs because it will complicate the implementation process. The reason is to ensure that you can avoid financial losses from investing too much in the system and end up failing anyway.

2. Don’t Underestimate Data Migration

When the ERP system is used, the company’s data will be transferred to the system. No matter how much company data is owned, it still has to be moved. The data migration process should not be forgotten in this ERP implementation stage.

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If you underestimate the data migration process, the data may end up becoming a mess. The process of verifying the accuracy of the data needs to be done gradually and seriously.

3. Full Investment in Change Management

What is change management? It is the change that happens in the way the work and business operations of all departments take place within the company. Therefore, it is very important to carry out communication with every department about this ERP implementation. That way, every employee can be ready to use the new system.

Employees also need to undergo gradual and in-depth training so that everyone understands the basics of using the ERP system. By doing so, the company’s investment with an ERP system becomes more successful.

4. Don’t Entirely Depend on Consultants

Companies that carry out ERP implementations definitely need IT consulting services in the process. However, companies should not be overly dependent on consultants.

You as a company must maintain control of business decisions in ERP implementation. This includes the process of transferring knowledge of using ERP from consultants to internal employees until the project can be completed perfectly.

5. Perform Serious Testing

One of the most important stages in ERP implementation is the testing stage. This testing stage needs to be done several times to find out whether this system is functioning according to the company’s needs or not.

The company’s needs must be provided by this system. If you don’t take the test seriously, it can increase the risk of the ERP system having problems later on, which means that you absolutely should pay attention to everything during the testing stage.

There is also the problem of your ERP system not working optimally which results in your employees being unable to use it. For that reason, it is necessary to check the ERP system more extensively. You should do well with your time investment to ensure that you can use the ERP system optimally after testing it extensively for some time.

Now, we have reached the conclusion about the explanation of ways to solve ERP’s failure. To ensure the failures won’t take place, you should remember each of the points above when you want to implement ERP in order to get results according to company goals.

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10 February 2022