Types of Network Security for Your Network

Types of Network Security for Your Network

Computer networks such as the internet are not always safe from interference and threats that are quite dangerous. Realizing this, many companies are trying to improve network security on their websites, internal databases, or applications. Along with the development of technology, various types of network security are starting to appear to provide convenience for users.

Types of Network Security That Can Be Used

Network security or network security is indispensable in any computing system, both for hardware and software. Data and networks in computers are very vulnerable to interference, breaches, and threats such as data theft.

Not only company information, sensitive data from clients who use your business website or application can also be protected with network security. Shared data remains safe from theft or other cyber threats. Network security also brings the advantage of more reliable network access.

The description above is sufficient to explain why a website or business application must be equipped with a network security system. Before using it, first identify the various types of network security and their functions.

1. Firewall

This network security system functions to regulate incoming and outgoing traffic in one network with several applicable security regulations. If there is traffic that is considered foreign, the firewall immediately rejects it automatically. There are so many computing systems that use this network system to avoid incoming malware.

2. Network Segmentation

This security system will assess the data in the network segment that has the same function or risk as the group. As a result, threats originating from outside the network can be overcome so that the data inside remains safe. The security is more secure if you install additional internal settings in the network.

3. Remote Access VPN

As the name implies, remote access VPN provides secure remote access between the network and host or client computers, such as mobile, extranet, or telecommuting users. The sensitive information inside is maintained by multi-factor authentication and encryption.

4. Zero Trust Network Access

This network security model only allows internet users to have access and permissions according to their needs when accessing their data. Access is also limited, unlike other network security models that can give full access to the destination network.

5. Email Security

This network security system is important for companies that often do e-mail marketing or correspondence through this platform. E-mail security will protect your account and email content to be safe from external threats. Usually, e-mail security is installed automatically by the service provider, but it would be better if you add another network security system.

6. Data Loss Prevention

This cybersecurity method serves to protect sensitive company data from being spread out. Data Loss Prevention uses a combination of the best technologies in it, so it can protect data that is quite complex.

7. Intrusion Prevention System

This technology can detect cyberattacks such as Denial of Service (DOS) or other dangers. Information system vulnerabilities are very dangerous for software systems because they can be exploited by hackers. Fortunately, the Intrusion Prevention System can block all these dangers before they attack the software.

8. Sandboxing

Sandboxing uses a code such as a password to access the data in it to be safe. The code or data entered will be observed first with the sandboxing method and can only be accessed if there are no threats that endanger the network.

9. Hyperscale Networks Security

This method can detect precisely when the traffic entering the system increases. Hyperscale Network Security will detect hazards or threats quickly so that incoming traffic can be accessed as long as no danger is found in it.

10. Cloud Network Security

Finally, this security system is very suitable for cloud-based storage systems. Cloud Network Security can detect incoming dangers more quickly, so users don’t have to wait too long to access their data.

The various types of network security above can be applied according to their respective functions. Unfortunately, the dangers of computer networks often move faster, even without realizing it. To handle this problem, you can use the SUPRBOARD application from AdIns that can detect network problems immediately. Immediately apply for the demo of this app and make your website safer from unexpected cyberattacks!

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03 January 2022