Understanding the Definition of Encryption and How It Works

Understanding the Definition of Encryption and How It Works

If you use a chat messenger, then you can find that the chats displayed in the messenger are protected by encryption. However, many people still don’t understand what encryption means. They don’t really pay attention to the meaning of the system, all the while when they must know how important the system is so that the contents of conversations and other data are not read by irresponsible third parties.

So what is the definition of encryption? How does it work? You can find all the answers through the information below.

What is the Definition of Encryption?

Encryption is a way of scrambling data so that the information can only be read by those who have authorized access. So, encryption converts plain human-readable text into text that can’t be read and understood at the same time. Text that has been converted through the encryption process is called ciphertext.

With this security system, the information in it will not be read, understood, and discussed by unauthorized third parties. However, there is still a way to read the encrypted text. The problem is, it’s still difficult to even for people who understand the text in depth because a good encryption system will make the text look so complex that it will not be easy to understand or decipher by just anyone.

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How Encryption Works

Now you know what encryption means. Now, it is time for you to understand how this security system works. The process itself is quite complex so it is a little difficult to understand in depth by ordinary people.

So, before the encryption process is carried out, you must know what a cipher means, and that is a system used to hide the original meaning of the text. Then, a new variable is determined where it is used as the key afterward. Now, what are the types of ciphers that are available out there?

1. Symmetric cipher

A symmetric cipher in the encryption system is a type of cipher that uses a single key. This type of cipher works through a computer system that performs the encryption process and must share the secret key with all authorities so that the message can be cracked. The most widely used type of symmetric cipher is the Advanced Encryption Standard. The ability of symmetric ciphers has been recognized internationally, so much so that the cipher is even used by the United States government to protect their state secrets.

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2. Asymmetric cipher

Next up is the type of asymmetric cipher, a particular cipher that uses two interconnected keys. This key uses prime numbers so that it provides stronger protection than the previous cipher. The type of algorithm used in the asymmetric cipher is Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA).

The way the asymmetric cipher works is by converting plain text that can be read easily by humans into encrypted messages through the algorithm system. To be able to read it, cryptographic key support is needed.

The use of an encryption security system is highly essential for the security of so many industries today. That’s right, cyber security is definitely not something that can be underestimated. Regardless of your business type, if the data in it is too vital and dangerous if leaked illegally, then you should use a strong and reliable encryption security system.

Seeing how in recent times there have been numerous cases of customer data being leaked and sold illegally on the internet, don’t underestimate the security of company data.

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17 February 2022