Understanding the Definition of Server Computer

Understanding the Definition of Server Computer

Do you know what a server computer is? The use of server computers in a company can make the company’s performance more effective. By using server computers, the division of network data can be easier as computers do not have to set up their individual printers. You can just use a single printer for several computers with the help of a server computer. Now, what is a server computer and how can it divide the computer network in such a way?

The Definition of Server Computer

A server computer is the main computer that provides different features for the client computer’s needs. Server computer functions to manage data traffic, to become a database to store file and company data, to provide permission for data access, and many other functions based on the computers’ types.

How Does a Server Computer Work?

The procedure of a server computer is very simple. Firstly, the soon-to-be-converted computer should be configured based on the currently used operating system before turning it into a server computer. Secondly, once the computer is configured, the client computer can send a request through the server computer’s network. Finally, server computer should only simply respond to the client computer’s request.

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Types of Server Computers

Here are some types of server computers that you need to know:

1. DNS Server

DNS (Domain Name System) server is a type of server computer, which can change an IP address that can only be read by machines into a name that its users can understand. When a client computer requires the IP address of a system, the user can send a DNS request to the server computer where the request will be responded with the requested IP address by the server computer.

2. Mail Server

This type of server computer is the most commonly used type. The mail server computer will receive e-mail for several users and store it until the client computer requests the e-mail by the originally purposed user name.

3. Web Server

One of the most common types of server computers in the modern era is the web server. This type of server computer specifically stores a program and data that are requested by a user in the same network. The web server computer will receive a response from the currently functioning browser in the client’s computer to request website access or other web-based needs.

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4. Database Server

Every company owns its own database filled with important documents and files that should be strictly secured. For that reason, this type of server computer is crucial for a company where all client computers can only request access to the database through this server computer. The database server should possess a significantly large storage capacity so that it can be accessed anytime and at the same time.

Use a Server Computer to Store Your Database Here

Therefore, this is the definition of a server computer and several of its types that are used by companies. If you still have documents and files that have not neatly arranged yet, now it is time for you to use Lite DMS (Document Management System) that can make it easy for you to search important documents and to maintain your documents’ security.

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29 April 2021