Understanding the Functions of Network Monitoring for Your Business

Understanding the Functions of Network Monitoring for Your Business

Once you enter the Industrial Revolution 4.0, you certainly have to understand the functions of network monitoring which has a big impact on the sustainability of a business. Why is network monitoring so important and what does it do?

Before understanding the network monitoring function, first of all, we would like to briefly explain about the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where as a business owner, you are required to be able to adapt to the current technological changes. Business activities around the world have now entered the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 due to the presence of the internet and almost all business activities can be done online.

The shift from business activities from offline to online has also accelerated with the emergence of the COVID-19 outbreak where almost all activities are held online. You must have also felt how a business can run thanks to the presence of the internet, right?

By looking at the high activity on the internet today, you must monitor the network to maintain business continuity in the digital world. So, what is network monitoring and its functions?

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Through this article, AdIns will provide you with complete information about the meaning and functions of network monitoring. As additional information, we will also provide recommendations for network monitoring services that may be needed for your current business.

What is Network Monitoring?

Network monitoring is a system created to monitor networks connected to the internet. This system can track any problems on a particular network and also see all the activity on that network.

This network monitoring system will collect information and data related to the tracked network. The information will then be processed to find the location of errors and problems that occur on a network.

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What Are the Functions of Network Monitoring?

Here is a few of network monitoring functions for your business:

1. Easy Network Traffic Monitoring

Network monitoring has the main function to facilitate monitoring of network activity on the internet, especially if the traffic on the network is very active and a lot.

For example, you certainly understand the concept of a marketplace, right? Every day there are so many internet users who visit marketplace A and suddenly the website has an error.

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2. Finding errors with ease ini real time

Then, how to find the error behind the density of activity on the network?

If the marketplace uses a network monitoring system, problems that occur in the marketplace network can be found easily because there is already a track record that has been stored and arranged neatly. So, when you need the required information, the system will immediately find and present the information in a short time.

3. Detecting The Weakness of IT System

The existence of this network monitoring system is also very helpful for IT technicians to detect weaknesses in the security system.

Thus, these security issues can be handled quickly before information is compromised by black hat actors.

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Is There Any Network Monitoring Service in Indonesia?

Given the importance of network monitoring, you certainly need network monitoring services to monitor the network on your business website or other digital assets that you currently have. Therefore, you can contact AdIns directly now.

AdIns is an independent software vendor that provides all kinds of IT solutions for business needs, including the ones that fulfill the functions of network monitoring. For that reason, we provide a network monitor service to monitor the entire network connected to your business activities on the internet. Contact us to make an appointment for a consultation regarding issues faced in today’s business or if you have further questions regarding network monitoring.

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26 April 2022