Unveiling Success: AdIns Credit Scoring Proof of Concept with CSUL

Unveiling Success: AdIns Credit Scoring Proof of Concept with CSUL

PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi (Advance Innovations) Indonesia, a pioneer since its establishment in 2000, proudly presents the Proof of Concept (PoC) of AdIns AI Credit Scoring in collaboration with Global AI Innovations Laboratory Co., Ltd. (GAILABO).

GAILABO is a joint venture between Mitsui & Co. and Sony Network Communications based in Tokyo, Japan.

The PoC, which took place from November 1st, 2023 to February 29th, 2024 in Jakarta, Indonesia, was specifically made for PT Chandra Sakti Utama Leasing (CSUL) with the aim of unveiling the revolutionary product, AdIns AI Credit Scoring.

AdIns Credit Scoring: Elevating Financial Operations to New Heights

The PoC of AdIns AI Credit Scoring emerges as a beacon of efficiency and innovation, seeking to redefine the operational paradigm of Financing Companies in Indonesia. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the key features that make AdIns AI Credit Scoring a key player in this industry.

Showcasing Practical Optimization:

The PoC, a collaborative effort between PT Adicipta Inovasi Teknologi and GAILABO, goes beyond technical demonstrations. It is a practical showcase of how AdIns AI Credit Scoring optimizes complex operational processes in financing companies.

Maximize Profitability:

Empowered by full Artificial Intelligence (AI), AdIns AI Credit Scoring is carefully designed as a profit catalyst. It promises additional gains, revenue enhancement, and well-adapted financial strategies to navigate the complexities of the financing and financial industry.

Balance Risks:

Identifying and managing risks is a core challenge for financing companies. AdIns AI Credit Scoring emerges as a tough solution, reducing high-risk customers and increasing low-risk customers while optimizing the credit portfolio of financing companies.

Simplify Operations:

In a world where time is invaluable, AdIns AI Credit Scoring presents itself as a solution. It not only reduces operational costs but, more importantly, significantly shortens the time required for credit management, providing operational strength for companies.

Accelerate Credit Analysis:

Speed is the essence of the financing industry. AdIns AI Credit Scoring, with its high accuracy, acts as a catalyst to expedite credit analysis, enabling quick and precise decision-making processes.

As we reflect on the success achieved during the PoC, it becomes evident that AdIns AI Credit Scoring is not just a product but also a force shaping the operational landscape of the financing industry. With a proven track record in dozens of financing companies across Asia, it stands as evidence of the positive impact of digital transformation.

Moving forward, AdIns AI Credit Scoring is set to be a leading solution, not only for financing companies in Indonesia but also for the entire Asian region. It serves as a beacon that will mark a milestone towards the future, where innovation and efficiency converge, creating a path to success in the ever-evolving financing industry.

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15 January 2024