Upgrade and Maintenance of User Experience (UX)

Upgrade and Maintenance of User Experience (UX)

Business world in our modern era is growing along with advances in technology and information. Many companies are competing against each other to provide the best service to their customers. Various types of services are provided by them to meet their customers’ needs and maintenance of User Experience. Various digital services, especially software services, are also offered to make activities easier for their customers, such as online forms, online reservation applications, banking, and so on.

Large companies and startups are now engaged in software development competition to create software or applications that have a good and interactive user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). User experience in this context plays an important role in achieving the goal of having a reliable and easy-to-use software. Thus, the next application development process is able to compete with other competitors.

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What is user experience (UX)?

User experience is a particular type of experience in which users or customers interact with digital products such as digital applications, software and websites with the aim of providing convenience for users. The experience can be enhanced based on the users’ ease of using the digital product and the developers’ optimizing of all technical aspects from design, features and content that can help users achieve their goals when using the application.

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How To Do An Evaluation And User Experience Improvement

A good UX is also supported by a good user interface (UI) for the sake of maintenance of user experience. The user-friendly UI interface can make users feel comfortable enough to interact longer with the product. In addition, a good application must also have lightweight access that does not take long to open a simple menu display and contents that are clear and on target.

The easiest to improve your user experience is by using User Experience Questionnaire (UEQ). This method is used to see the user usability level when searching an information. Not only design but good and interesting UI is also important.

Apart from the UI’s good and attractive looks, previously mentioned features that can help users in achieving their goals when interacting with apps are also equally important. One important feature that is currently widely used everywhere is Character Recognition (CR) technology that is useful for increasing work accuracy, optimizing workflows, and improving data quality. The emergence of mobile CR is driven by several important industries, especially the financial and banking industries. They have used CR technology to speed up work processes such as entering customer personal data from ID cards (KTP), family registry (KK), tax ID number (NPWP), debit card, and other important identity cards into the system automatically with high accuracy. As a result, it can be far easier for customers to do their activities and improve the user experience.

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The Use of Intelligent Data Capture

As one of the companies engaged in advanced technology development in Indonesia, AdIns also has its own high-end data capture application service, namely AdIns Intelligent Data Capture.. This application can help you enter personal data of prospective debtors from KTP, KK, NPWP, vehicle number ID document (STNK), vehicle ownership document (BPKB), and other identity card details into a system that requires high foresight and accuracy, so that the human error factor in a system that can have a fatal impact in the future can be swiftly avoided. Just by taking a photo of the document, our system can automatically fill in all the required fields

AdIns has also prepared Artificial Intelligence in the application to fill all the fields of your digital submission application easily and practically to improve and improve the quality and maintenance of user experience.

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24 March 2022