Use of Business Intelligence Tools

Use of Business Intelligence Tools

Use of Business Intelligence Tools – Currently, Business Intelligence is perhaps one of the most buzzed terms in the business world. This term is used more by software manufacturers than by management consultants. Apart from going through experts in the field of Business Intelligence itself, several supporting parts are needed which may be referred to as BI tools.

Business Intelligence tools are intelligent tools that can evaluate price features, and are accompanied by software capabilities in addition to information technology practitioners in evaluating products. Technically, BI tools use data mining and data warehousing techniques.

Business Intelligence is a set of processes, architectures, and types of technology that can transform raw data into meaningful information and will drive profitable business actions. Inside there is a series of software or can be said as software and services to be able to transform data into intelligence and knowledge that can be acted upon.

Strategically, Business Intelligence tools have a direct impact both on tactical decisions, strategic and business operations of the organization. BI is very supportive in making decisions based on facts and using historical data without considering assumptions and hunches.

The tools for analyzing data and creating reports, summaries, dashboards, maps, charts, and charts are used to provide users with more detailed intelligence about the nature of the business.

Why is BI considered important in the business world for a company? This is because the main performance indicators use historical data. In addition, identifying and setting benchmarks for various processes can use Business Intelligence tools.

Do not stop there, the system used by BI can identify market trends and find business problems that need to be addressed or even just in case. The data visualization presented can also improve the quality of the data so that it can also increase the quality of decision-making.

And an even more advantageous use is that this system can not only be used by large companies. However, this system can also be used by owners of small and medium enterprises or SMEs.

The system for implementing business intelligence tools starts from the raw data from the extracted database and then spreads out in various heterogeneous systems. Furthermore, in the system application, the data will be cleaned and then used as a data warehouse. from which tables can be offered and create data cubes to form.

The system’s next steps can be used to query users’ queries or request ad-hoc reports or perform other analyses. Of course, to be able to run this system requires at least an expert in the field and know general knowledge about IT.

In its use, there are 4 types of system Business Intelligence tools. which is the term 4 key players that can be used in the system.

– Professional Data Analyst, namely statistician whose duty is to always dig deep into the data. The system provided by BI can help to gain new business insights in developing unique business strategies.

– IT users, are the part that plays the most dominant role in maintaining the infrastructure of business intelligence.

– Head of the company, the existence of a CEO or CXO position in a company can increase business profits by increasing operational efficiency in the business being undertaken.

– Business users, business users are divided into two types namely ordinary business intelligence users and point power users where the difference lies in strong users having the ability to work with complex data sets. Meanwhile, users make it a habit of making only use the dashboard for the evaluation of specified data sets.

Apart from some of the above, the advantages of business intelligence itself are as follows.

– Increase employee productivity, because efficiency saves time and resources.

– To increase visibility and allow identifying areas that need attention.

– Improve accountability within the organization and ownership of the performance of an organization against the goals set.

In addition to the above, Business Intelligence tools are also useful for streamlining business processes and making analytics easier.

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24 June 2021