The role of digital data cannot be overstated more in the modern era, considering its importance for major companies and institutions. To procure data, companies perform a single activity commonly known as data capture. So, what is data capture? This activity refers to the process of collection and extraction of data from physical documents such as papers, books, and other documents. The extraction process is then continued by the conversion of the data into readable information by a computer. Afterward, the data capture process is completed. 

For some, data capture seems similar to the data entry process, which is another process that involves procuring data from physical documents. In this regard, data capture emphasizes practicality and effectivity, which makes it enticing for companies. Since manual data entry can be lengthy and ineffective in its process, data capture emerges as a practical solution. Cost-friendly, capable of reducing the amount of necessary work and speedy in nature, data capture is becoming popular for companies who are overburdened with manual data entry works. As a result, data capture services are gaining popularity along with data entry services. 

If you happen to understand more about data capture services, you will come to understand that companies outsource these services as well. A data capturing service is a third party at the same level as a private data entry service, where employing data capturing services is very cost-friendly and efficient. Given the experience level of data capture services in handling different kinds of projects from their clients, a company should not fear anymore when contacting a data capture service for its needs. 

Data capturing services offer several kinds of services with different specifications, such as: 

  • Data collection from the internet 
  • File conversion 
  • Digital publication 
  • Forms distribution 
  • Document scanning 

These are some of the most common services that data capture services provide to potential clients. With the sophisticated technology, data capture services can capture important data from texts, audio files, videos, and other sources to formats that their clients desire. 

To capture the data, data capture services perform several methods, such as: 

  • Manual keying 
  • Nearshore keying (overseas capture services) 
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) 
  • Intelligent character recognition (ICR) 
  • Bar code recognition 
  • Template-based intelligent capture (capturing data from certain templates of the information source) 
  • Intelligent document recognition (IDR) 

From these methods, data capture services make distinct services to suit their clients’ needs. With cost-friendly and reliable services, more and more companies are relying on data capture services along with data entry services to fulfill their business goals. With its services, a data capture service usually operates in major countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Singapore, and other technologically advanced countries. Since these countries house several of the most renowned companies in the world that deeply rely on the internet, data capture services are popular in these countries. 

While reasonable prices and reliable services are the hallmarks of a data capture service’s benefits, a company can earn other benefits as well. These benefits include: 

  • Accelerated data capturing 

With sophisticated technology, a data capture service can capture and procure data faster than the typical data entry measure. 

  • Improved customer service 

As a company receives accurate and workable information from the data capture process, a company can identify which parts of its customer service can be improved. 

  • Reliable information confidentiality 

A data capture service must uphold its clients’ confidentiality at all costs. Compliance with security standards from the data capture industry is a hallmark of a data capture service’s reputation. 

  • Exceptional service output 

The experience of the data capture service that stems from years of operation should guarantee its service output from handling different clients. 

With all of the professional services of data capture services and benefits from relying on them; it is no wonder why companies come to depend on their services to lessen their work burdens. As a result, their services are rapidly gaining traction, as the internet cannot be separated anymore from the companies’ business operations. 

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Published date :

22 April 2021