What is Cloud Hosting and its Functions for Companies?

What is Cloud Hosting and its Functions for Companies?

A website is one of the most essential instruments a company must have in this digital era. It cannot be denied that a website can become a platform for brand awareness and effective marketing for a company due to its capability to attract many visitors. When running a website, the company must know all kinds of currently operating hosting providers, including cloud hosting. So, what is cloud hosting and its functions?

Similar to shops, a company’s website can be visited by many people simultaneously. This is where hosting works, as this service manages data from sites or applications, before displaying them through the internet. Hosting itself consists of several types, such as dedicated hosting, shared hosting, VPS hosting, and cloud hosting itself.

What is Cloud Hosting and Its Excellence

As previously mentioned before, hosting consists of several types. For big companies or rising companies, the use of cloud hosting to run their websites is highly recommended.

Cloud hosting is a type of web hosting that uses different kinds of servers in a significant amount to balance the loading time and maximize the uptime. Despite the abundance of servers and they seem scattered, all of them are conjoined into a single server.

Cloud hosting is considered more effective than other types of hosting. Compared to a single server, cloud hosting can make your website access other servers compared to using data resources from a centered pool. Because of its utilization of a sizable server, failure rates are significant, which means that other servers can run normally if a server fails to complete a request from the website.

Apart from that, cloud hosting is seen as more efficient than shared hosting and Virtual Private Server (VPS hosting). Despite their similar use of a sizable amount of servers, both these hosting types are still limited in terms of usage. Not only that, we still have to share resources with other users.

VPS hosting is also considered to be harder to use if the user is still inexperienced. Cloud hosting can be an answer for a website that relies on many servers and does not wish to share resources with other people.

In short, the benefits of cloud hosting are its focus on maximum uptime (server’s work hours), possession of its own resources, ease of scaling, and consistent IP address.

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Identifying Functions of Cloud Hosting for a Company’s Website

To understand more about cloud hosting, it would be best for us to know its functions and benefits here.

1. Containing Sizable Traffic

There are moments where our website receives so much traffic simultaneously. An example of this happens during mass price discounts for purchases on our website.

On this occasion, a server may become overloaded, which causes the website to go down and suffer disturbances. This problem will not take place if we use cloud hosting that uses several servers at the same time.

In cloud hosting, there is cluster technology that consists of server groups. This cluster technology gives the capability to a website to let itself being able to be accessed by millions of people simultaneously. If a server overloads, other servers will perform a backup by sharing that burden.

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2. High and Safe Performance

So many effective features from cloud hosting can be used to develop a fast and flexible website. Moreover, cloud hosting also provides customization feature so that the website is suitable for the company’s identity.

The security in using cloud hosting cannot be denied. Cloud hosting can guarantee the data’s security so that it will not be compromised to data theft and misuse.

3. Easy Management

Running a website with cloud hosting management is not hard; in fact, it is the same as shared hosting, which is by using a control panel. With multiple settings and panels, we can easily run a website with this hosting service. Apart from knowing the definition of what is cloud hosting, it is also important to know its functions so that you know the reason to use this service. If you are confused when looking for a trusted cloud hosting service provider, just use aCloud service from Ad-Ins that can help your company’s IT team tasks. Contact our team to try the benefits of this Acloud.

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02 September 2021