What is ERP in Office Administration?

What is ERP in Office Administration?

The digitization process has also entered the realm of business administration with the presence of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Work in the office will be more completed with only the software capital. However, what is an ERP and what are its functions?

AdIns will review more fully about this information system, starting from the understanding and features in ERP.

What is an ERP?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an information system or software model whose job is to collect and organize business data within a company. In ERP software, all business functions such as accounting reports, production, human resources, and others are operated automatically through a series of applications in it.

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In essence, the work of every department in the company will be made easier with this ERP. Business processes run smoother and better and business resources are managed more efficiently.

ERP began to be used in companies since the 1990s, where there was computer software that was integrated with the work in the business. Initially, the Gartner Group as its creator only made ERP as software to manage every business operation and was only used for large companies and manufacturers. Now, ERP has started to be used in various industries, including start-ups.

What are the Common Features in ERP Software?

ERP has several special features that are very useful to facilitate the business operations of a company. What are the examples?

Data Integration

One of the features of ERP that is not found in other software is data integration with other systems when operating. This integration feature is considered very important for businesses because of the large amount of data that must be processed at the same time. If the business has branches in several areas, ERP will help integrate every business process in it because every function will work in harmony.

2. Automation

Redundant and recurring business tasks every period can now be automated with ERP, such as payroll processing, reporting, invoicing, and others. Employees will focus on doing more important tasks so that work time becomes more effective. Human-error can also be eliminated because this automation process will do its work with its artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Data Analysis

The analytical features in ERP start from the collection and processing of data in all business operations included. So, the ERP will find some information about the trends and patterns in the process being run. Employees will reflect on the business tasks that have been done as well as provide an evaluation for the next business period.

4. Reporting

Basically, data analysis and reporting are two different things in ERP. While data analysis is useful for finding patterns in work, reporting is the presentation of the results of the analysis in a visual form such as charts, tables, etc. By using ERP, reports will be made more detailed and relevant, and weaknesses in business processes can be identified so that they can be evaluated at a later date.

5. Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is very important for business and everything can be helped with ERP software. This software will handle the automation of marketing and sales activities that have been carried out. Data regarding customer information is also stored in the form of a spreadsheet so that it can be tracked automatically.

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6. Accounting

ERP also handles the most vital part of the company, namely accounting or finance. ERP will manage accounting processes, such as recording assets, capital, costs, and liabilities such as debt and taxes. This system will also automate accounting functions such as payment of fees or debts, sales, and others.

In conclusion, what is an ERP? It is an information system that is useful for automating business processes within a company. ERP will make the business more agile and the business work in it can be completed faster. AdIns also has Confins, an ERP software that can assist business operations in your financial company. Apply for the demo of this software immediately and enjoy the simplicity in business management only through Confins!

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30 December 2021