What is IT Help Desk and How Does It Work?

What is IT Help Desk and How Does It Work?

Some of you may not be familiar with the term IT helpdesk. You might have heard of it, but not fully understood its meaning.

It’s important to emphasize that the presence of an IT helpdesk within a company plays a crucial role in assisting customers with any problems they may encounter.

With this team in place, a company can efficiently address issues related to the user experience.

What Is IT Help Desk

In general, an IT helpdesk is a team responsible for answering various technical-related questions.

The performance of the helpdesk team is similar to customer service, which is responsible for answering various customer inquiries. These questions can be received through various channels, ranging from phone calls, emails, websites, to online chats.

For example, if there is a technology-related issue with a product, customers can contact the helpdesk team to get comprehensive answers, so they can understand the necessary actions.

It’s important to distinguish between IT support and IT helpdesk. IT support is primarily responsible for the technology systems of the company, including software, hardware, and networks. Meanwhile, IT helpdesk is more focused on responding to and providing solutions when issues arise, whether from within or outside the company.

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IT Help Desk Responsibilities

After understanding the basic concept of the helpdesk, it’s time to delve deeper into the tasks and responsibilities of this IT team. The role in the helpdesk is crucial and demands professionalism and competence.

Generally, the tasks of the IT helpdesk team involve:

1. Recording and Conveying Issues

The primary task is to record issues reported by users, whether from within the company or external customers. Subsequently, providing appropriate answers so that users understand the necessary actions.

2. Resolving IT Issues

Staff or administrators within the helpdesk are responsible for resolving problems with the best solutions according to existing procedures.

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3. Handling User or Customer Accounts

If a solution is not found, the issue may be escalated to the IT support level if necessary.

4. Creating Summary Reports

Periodically, the IT helpdesk team needs to create reports that include a summary of the issues faced and the solutions provided. This can be valuable records for future reference.

How the Help Desk Works

In carrying out its role, the Help Desk follows the following workflow:

1. Front End (Users)

Users encounter issues with a company’s products or services and contact the Help Desk in the hope of getting answers and solutions.

2. Help Desk

The Help Desk responds to user complaints and provides the necessary information. If the problem is complex, the message will be forwarded to specialists (back end).

3. Back End (Specialists)

Specialists handle complex problems and provide the right solutions. Answers will be communicated back to users through the Help Desk using various communication channels.

Skills Required by IT Help Desk

The following are skills required in IT helpdesk:

1. Empathy

Empathy is crucial when carefully listening to user complaints. This skill helps provide emotional support to users to make them feel at ease and offer the best solutions to their problems.

2. Analytical Skills

The IT helpdesk profession requires strong analytical skills. This is useful for understanding the extent of the issues users face, using focused questions about their problems. Appropriate questions help obtain more detailed information about the problem, which can then be used to find the best solution.

3. Critical Thinking

Critical and practical thinking helps analyze problems with a more professional approach. This helps better dissect and thoroughly understand user problems. Furthermore, it’s important to stay updated on product developments to efficiently and accurately address user issues.

4. Emotional Intelligence

Good emotional intelligence creates an environment where users feel comfortable discussing their problems. This makes users more open in sharing their issues.

5. Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with polite and understandable sentences and words is essential in IT helpdesk. This skill enables you to clearly explain to users the steps to take when they don’t understand the technology.

6. Technical Skills

IT helpdesk requires strong technical knowledge. Therefore, education in the IT field, such as computer science graduates, IT undergraduates, or related education, is highly beneficial. This ensures a deep understanding of technical concepts related to user problems.

7. Problem-Solving Skills

Problem-solving skills are crucial. It involves listening to user problems, analyzing them, and then finding effective solutions. In a job with various users with different characteristics, patience is a very important quality. Additionally, it’s important to remain friendly and courteous in every situation.

The Role of IT Help Desk in a Company

How important is the IT Helpdesk in a company? There are several reasons why the IT helpdesk plays a critical role in a company:

1. Improving Customer Satisfaction

With the help of the helpdesk, customer satisfaction can be enhanced. Satisfied customers are more likely to be loyal and may purchase more products or services from the company.

2. Facilitating Rapid Business Development

Satisfied customers contribute to the rapid growth of the company. Customer satisfaction helps strengthen the business and maintain its growth.

Therefore, the IT helpdesk not only plays a role in resolving technical issues but also contributes to the success and growth of the company through efficient and competent customer service.

The IT helpdesk also has significant relevance to cybersecurity, such as identifying, responding to, and reporting cybersecurity incidents, thus minimizing cyber threats such as phishing or malware. The IT Help Desk can help handle and address both cyberattacks and their impact on users, ensuring the security and adherence to security policies set by the company.

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