The Definition of Helpdesk and  Its Role in Companies

The Definition of Helpdesk and Its Role in Companies

Companies that want to develop their business digitally must have a helpdesk team in them. The presence of the helpdesk team is very helpful when dealing with user problems. Do you already know about the helpdesk and its important role for the company? If not, AdIns will discuss the definition of helpdesk and its functionality in more detail in this article.

Knowing the Definition of Helpdesk and Its Tasks

Basically, the definition of helpdesk is a team or person assigned to answer questions from company service users through digital means. These questions are usually related to technical matters or problems experienced by users when accessing the service. Because it is related to work in the digital field, the helpdesk is often considered part of the IT department.

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Based on its meaning, helpdesk tasks are somewhat similar to the function of a company’s customer service (CS). The difference is, the helpdesk is specifically assigned to handle user problems related to a company’s digital services. The helpdesk provides more detailed information and answers to questions from users until the problem is finally resolved.

Even so, the helpdesk and CS teams are expected to be able to solve user problems or questions as quickly as possible. The channels for contacting the helpdesk are almost the same, starting from e-mail, messenger applications, to telephone.

Companies usually have two helpdesk teams in them, namely an external and internal helpdesk team. The external helpdesk team is tasked with serving users outside the company. As for the internal helpdesk team, they are assigned to serve employee and stakeholder-related problems when using digital-based office services.

It is undeniable that various companies are starting to implement advanced technology in their offices nowadays. The technology services used by the company can come from outside the company and can also come from software made by the company itself. An internal helpdesk team is needed if there are employee complaints in using digital services while working.

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Benefits of the Provision of a Helpdesk Team in a Company

When companies already provide IT teams, they don’t just hire people who deal directly with technology. Companies need a helpdesk team whenever there is a problem from users or employees when using digital services. This is the strength of the helpdesk team, where they are taught to think critically and have emotional abilities when dealing with other people.

If so, what are the benefits of a helpdesk team within the company? Check out the explanation below.

1. Increasing the Customers’ Satisfaction

User satisfaction of company-owned applications can be further increased thanks to the presence of the helpdesk team. The helpdesk team is expected to be able to solve user problems actively, consistently, and quickly. If there is an unsolved problem, they will try their best to find a solution.

Satisfied users will increase their customer loyalty to a business. Directly or indirectly, this will have a large beneficial impact on the development of the company’s business.

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2. Increasing the Digital Services’ Quality

Any questions, problems, and complaints from users must be recorded and collected for evaluation. The helpdesk team summarizes all these problems before discussing them with the developer team. The development team will provide improvements from the evaluation, so that the quality of the digital services provided will also increase.

When using a popular food delivery application, for example, we often encounter various regular updates that make the application more user-friendly. The decision to update the application and add these new features also comes from customer suggestions received by the helpdesk team.

3. Developing the Business

Satisfied customers and improved service quality will make the business development to be more profitable. From there, they are able to reap greater benefits from the digital services they use. The evaluation obtained by the helpdesk team can help companies identify their shortcomings so that they try to improve their business to become better.

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That’s an explanation abour the definition of helpdesk and its role in a company. For that purpose, AdIns provides the V”>Virtual IT Department that is useful for making your IT team’s tasks easier. The IT team will no longer have to burden themselves by handling the customers’ complaints and can focus on their original tasks instead. Contact our team immediately to try the demo version of this software for your business!

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31 March 2022