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No need to manage you infrastructure by yourself. AdIns is here to help your IT Department with cloud based services that will help your IT team to ensure your business continuity


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This Is The Era of Emerging Technologies


Maintaining technologies is obsolete, fusing various technologies together is the only way to survive industry 4.0

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Helps You Quickly Create a Secure

And Scalable Infrastructure

No need to manage your infrastructure by yourself. AdIns is here to help your IT Department focus on business development, not looking after the small stuffs.

Assure Your Business Continuity

With Disaster Recovery System

Nobody knows when will there be a disaster befell anyone, thus we help you to prepare for the worst.

Just A Phone Call Away

No need to troubleshoot the problem by yourself, just call us and we will be there to help you.

Flexible Cost To Maximise Your

Economical Efficiency

You don't have to pay if you don't use any of it in any time period. We only charge your usage.

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Industrial Sector

aCloud helps user to adapt against this ever-changing world of technology that as time goes by everything will move to cloud. Manage your cloud network infrastructure easily with no hassle.

I Love aCloud! There is no more need to worry about where to host your network. I have recommended it to my other acquaintance, and they love it as well! Their customer support is always quick to respond! Best Cloud Computing Service Provider Out there!

Riana Putri

As expected from AdIns, an excellent service combined with an amazing innovation. Absolutely worth your money and time.

Nicholas Thong

I would recommend aCLoud. They are very friendly and cooperative. Thank you for making my upgrade process as easy as possible.

Steven Santoso

Cloud computing services provider aCloud have been flexible to meet our needs, responsive to change requirements, available on demand and always deliver a quality solution. Everyone who work there is very professional!

Budi Oktavianus Darmawan

We’re very happy with AdIns’ work. The elasticity help us to grow the business anticipating the future growth and allow our cost to be flexible.

Ivan Agustinus
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Players in financial services choose AdIns to create game changing mobile innovation that allows not only to acelerate the realisation of potential sales but also reduce unnecesarry data entry.

AdIns Cloud Computing Service Provider

Now it is time for you to use a cloud server as an option to store and process various data for the sustainability of your company.Cloud server is a technology service, a combination of computers and internet-based networks. This technology utilizes the internet as a central server for data management. This will make it easy to access various data needed and no longer need to store data through physical storage devices, such as hard drives or flash drives. The choice to use cloud services will depends on the needs of a company itself. However, if in the end you decide to use this cloud server service, then there are several advantages that you can get, such as:

Easy access

You don't need to be on the same computer in order to access the required applications or data. The applications or data you need can be accessed anywhere and anytime via the server.


If you use a cloud server service, you don't need to do the computer procurement process which is quite time-consuming. You just need to do self-provisioning, then the capacity you need is ready to use.


Cloud servers are more stable, fast and secure. They avoid the hardware issues seen with physical servers, and the most stable option for businesses wanting to keep their IT budget down. You don't need to pay for hardware and all of the maintenance cost with it.These three things will really help improve performance and streamline the work process.With aCloud by Adins, you don't need to manage your infrastructure by yourself. We will help your IT Department with cloud based services that will ensure your business continuity.We will help you to quickly create a secure and scalable infrastructure that can help your business to operate more smoothly, let us take care of these little things. One of the thing that we will offer is, helping you to prepare for the unforeseen event in the future with a disaster recovery system, assuring your business continuity later on. And believe us, the cost is flexible. We only charge your usage. And if there is some problem, just call us and we will fix it so it will run smoothly again.