Mobile Customer

Apply For Credit From Home

The Growth of the millenial market changes customer's behaviour and the financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of the conventional industry. AdIns helps financing companies to increase customer engagement and penetrate to the millenial market

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Customer Self Service

Mobile Customer enables customers to self apply directly from mobile phones and access existing loan information.

Creating Your Own Loyalty Program

Our System is allowing your company to create a flexible and creative loyalty program to improve customer engagement and loyalty.

Deliver Promotion And Campaign Directly To Customer

To develop and improve content such as product information, company profile, and promotional content to be displayed on mobile apps.

Product Management

Pre-built rule and pricing table from our product management feature help your company creating advance selling tools via mobile.

Lead Management

Provide feature to monitor lead submission and provides at-a-glance views of all lead status.

Mobile Acquisition

Helps customers to self- apply credit products from your company directly. Our system enhances with customer profile filtering and automatic installment calculation for your customer offers.

Mobile Customer

Allowing customers to self check credit Information. Our system is ableto integrate to any core system and display customer information such as loan schedule, payment history, agreement, customer summary, customer service, and BPKB Status

Mobile Loyalty

Loyalty Platform let you engage & retain customer by offering real-time, omnichannel & personalised rewards. System is supported with multiple point calculation method

Mobile Credit

System let you cross sales your products with pre-approved loan for your existing customer.  Your customers will be able to transact with your approved merchant listed using the pre-approval loan.

General Features

Mobile Survey

We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.

Mobile Order

We provide the solutions for your dealers or business partners, allowing you to accelerate potential sales. You can also reduce unnecessary data entry by booking directly through mobile devices.

Mobile Collection

Facing the challenge to control the collection activity effectively, manage and monitor your collectors easily by limiting their cash on hand and ensure their location

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Helps You Quickly Create a Secure And Scalable Infrastructure and Assure Your Business Continuity With Cloud Disaster Recovery System