Mobile Ordering System

Automation of Your Sales Process

Players in financial services choose AdIns to create game changing mobile innovation that allows not only to accelerate the realisation of potential sales but also reduce unnecesarry data entry

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Form and Document Digitalisation On Mobile

Scattered application documents could become a performance inhibitor. With digitalised forms and documents enhances the overall process of sales.

Instant Sales Progress Status

Order tracking is important for the whole company selling process. It provides the information regarding sales order status, increases transparency, and encourages sales proactiveness.

Real Time Order Monitoring

With mobile ordering sytem, sales managers in multi finance company is able to monitor order process and sales performance via monitoring dashboard.

Automatic News and Promotion Distribution

Information delivery to sales become faster. Slow information product complain from head office will be reduce with this feature.

General Features




The Growth of Millenial market change customer's behaviour and financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of conventional industry. AdIns helps financing company to increase customer engagement and penetrate to millenial market.




We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.




Facing the challenge to control the collection activity effectively, manage and monitor your collectors easily by limiting their cash on hand and ensure their location

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Spend Too Much Time Just Searching For Your Document?

Document digitalisation and document management system is an efficiency key for your business process.