Mobile Ordering System

Automation For Your Sales Process

Players in financial services choose AdIns to create game changing mobile innovation that allows not only to accelerate the realisation of potential sales but also reduce unnecesarry data entry

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Form and Document Digitalisation On Mobile

Scattered application documents could become a performance inhibitor. With digitalised forms and documents enhances the overall process of sales.

Instant Sales Progress Status

Order tracking is important for the whole company selling process. It provides the information regarding sales order status, increases transparency, and encourages sales proactiveness.

Real Time Order Monitoring

With mobile ordering sytem, sales managers in multi finance company is able to monitor order process and sales performance via monitoring dashboard.

Automatic News and Promotion Distribution

Information delivery to sales become faster. Slow information product complain from head office will be reduce with this feature.

General Features

Facing the challenge to control the collection activity effectively, manage and monitor your collectors easily by limiting their cash on hand and ensure their location

We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.

The Growth of Millenial market change customer's behaviour and financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of conventional industry. AdIns helps financing company to increase customer engagement and penetrate to millenial market.

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Spend Too Much Time Just Searching For Your Document?

Document digitalisation and document management system is an efficiency key for your business process.

Automation For Your Sales Process

Very rapid technological advances have brought many changes to various industries. If used properly, every single thing in life will become easier. One form of technological development that has had a huge impact is mobile apps. Currently, everyone can work from anywhere using their smartphone, this provides unlimited mobility for employees, so they can streamline various processes in their activities. Because, a well-designed app can perform actions in much quicker, unlike a mobile website. This apps usually store their data locally on each of the mobile device, different from websites that generally use web servers. Process of data retrieval happens more swiftly in this apps.

Every company must be aware of the potential of mobile apps to improve employee performance and company performance. One industry that needs this is the financial industry. Some of the problems that often occur in companies engaged in this industry are the process of inputting sales sales transactions which sometimes take a long time, the presence of inaccurate information in documents, the difficulty of monitoring the sales work process, the absence of transparency which can hinder the performance of the company and employees.

These problems can be overcome if the company has a mobile ordering system or an application that can perform:

  • Tidying up various documents in digital form, so they can be accessed anywhere, and stored in a central system. Scattered application documents can create a hindrance in work performance.
  • Monitor various sales statuses of salespeople, so that transparency can lead to better performance and also encourages sales proactiveness.
  • Monitor employee performance in real-time.
  • Make it easy to share information with employees.

Therefore, AdIns is here to offer a solution in the form of mobile ordering app that have various solutions above. AdIns creates an innovation, namely LeadIn, a real-time mobile ordering system application that can accelerate the realization of potential sales, while at the same time helping you reduce data entry that is considered less important.

By using this mobile ordering system, you will be able to improve the performance of employees and also the company, which can provide maximum results and minimize the risk of human error. First, every form of application document or other kind document will be organized in digital form, this will improve the performance of employees, no more messy documents. You will also have the capabilities to monitor the process of sales with order tracking, all of the information is in your pocket in form of ordering app. There is also a dashboard that with monitoring function that can you use to monitor all of your salespeople performance, get all of the necessary data you need to evaluate their performance. Sharing important news or promotion is more easier with this app, you will have the ability to reach all of your employee using this feature.

So believe us, with this app, the performance of your business will increase greatly. So what are you waiting for? Request for a demo here


Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Get App Usage Training?

You will get training in using the application for all the features in it. Our team will always provide support to you so that the operational use of the mobile ordering system can run smoothly for all parties. From management to sales, we can do training to get maximum results in terms of usage.

What about LeadIn's Application Security System?

The data stored in the LeadIn (mobile ordering system) is safe. We have been in the software business since 2000 to provide solutions for financial companies. All the technologies we optimize are safe because there are always regular security updates. Professional and trained human resources from AdIns have extensive experience in financial industry applications. You don't have to worry about the company data in LeadIn.

Can It Be Accessed From Multiple Devices At Once?

All information in LeadIn can be accessed by multiple devices at once. We are still trying to maintain the security of information from the first layer. This is done by granting access to every person and device your company allows. Accessing data becomes easier, faster, and safer with the support of AdIns technology.

What If A Problem Occurs In This Mobile Ordering System?

If there is a problem with the LeadIn app, don't hesitate to contact the AdIns team directly. We will immediately check and fix the problem. In addition, we also always try to update the LeadIn application so that its performance is maximized in supporting the activities of your company's sales team.