Mobile Survey

Field Surveyor Monitor

We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your
prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will
have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.

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Performance Monitoring

Mobile survey tools also provides Supervisor to monitor the overall survey process and also the ability to determine the position of field surveyor in the map to increase the productivity rate, survey response rates and to manage scattered survey location. Solution is integrated with GPS location capture system to ensure the quality of the survey result.

Flexible And Multi-survey Scheme

The Solution has flexibility in creating multi create survey schemes for multi group of surveyors with automatic question deployment uniformly (Drop down) on smartphone. It will keep changes and updates of survey data collection while offline, and automatically synchronize when the device is connected with internet. No need to be connected at all time.

Photo Capture And Location Tagging

To improve the surveyors' working result, photos of ID cards, Financing Objects (cars, houses, motorcycles) and other supporting documents are captured and sent together with real time and location. This feature helps companies to avoid fake information and inaccurate location and information.

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The Growth of Millenial market change customer's behaviour and financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of conventional industry. AdIns helps financing company to increase customer engagement and penetrate to millenial market.




We provide the solutions for your dealers or business partners, allowing you to accelerate potential sales. You can also reduce unnecessary data entry by booking directly through mobile devices.




Facing the challenge to control the collection activity effectively, manage and monitor your collectors easily by limiting their cash on hand and ensure their location

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