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Advance Reporting System

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Business Intelligent


Because We Know That Running A Company Is Not As Easy As It Sounds Like.

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Effectivity Indicator For

Multi-finance Business


With our extensive experience serving the Multi-Finance Industry, We know what you need and what you want. Therefore we provide a high-level monitoring dashboard to get the insight of your own company.

Have A Better Data

Understanding And


Because we know that everyone need different information. We slide in an advance system to your easy to operate tool.

Regulation Compliance

Will keep you updated for regulation compliance and adjust the changes to keep up with the current rule. Keep on working on your business and let us do the research.

Makes You Have The Upper

Hand On The Consumer


Consumer behavior is crucial to decide what to do. Predict the probability of your success to push your company to the limit.

ARS has changed many companies point of view of their own business process, with business intelligence you can see those small things that sometimes people ignore yet very impactful to your company

AdIns' business intelligence software, ARS is like another universe for me. I was sceptical at first, but now I really need it to see my company from another perspective.

Christanto Rafael

From all of AdIns's product, ARS is my favourite. it is a reliable and helpful program for my company.

Putri Andalusia

All of us are familiar with Microsofts'products. ARS is very simple and easy to use, yet very impactful for my company.

Wisnu Zulkarnain

When it comes to business intelligent, AdIns is my go to. it is simple, sophisticated and integrated.

Rajesh Patel

AdIns always one step ahead when it comes to solution providing. Like ARS for an example, AdIns has prepared a system that comply to future government regulation.

Timotius Pratama
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Grab The Milennial Market With Milennial Manner

AdIns understands that financial company need to improve its existing process in order to cope with milennial behaviour.

Optimal Monitoring of Company Performance

Business performance that is always optimized is never easy. You have to monitor various divisions and aspects within the company. Especially if you run a Multifinance business. You must get support, not only from qualified human resources but also software.

AdIns is here to provide solutions to Multifinance businesses with Business Intelligence (BI) applications. We present this application for those of you who need better support for monitoring company performance.

There are various advantages that the Business Intelligence application has. We provide you with indicators of the effectiveness of Multifinance business operations that are needed. This application can provide all forms of your needs to understand the internal insights of Multifinace's own company. The dashboard in this application allows you to see how Multifinance's business processes are in detail and from various aspects.

This AdIns application can provide you with a better understanding of data and operational systems. Any form of company-related information is available here and easy to find too. We use the latest and most up-to-date technology systems to make it more user-friendly and easier to understand.

Multifinance business requires the right operating system and is under the rules. That's why we keep you updated on regulations and adapt to any changes. We will always keep you up to date with applicable regulations so that your business continues to run well.

Understanding consumer behavior is not easy. It needs the right and maximum technical support. The Business Intelligence tools from AdIns can provide you with predictions in understanding consumer behavior by displaying data visualization and performing data analysis. Business success is maximized by knowing this.

You can feel all the advantages of this Business Intelligence application right now. Get an application for optimally monitoring company performance to be able to provide business growth according to company targets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Get App Usage Training?

We always provide training to use the application to you. We will prepare a training module so that those who will take care of this application from your office can understand how to use it. Application usage training is one part of our program in providing the best service to you. Don't worry because we will provide training until you understand how to use the Business Intelligence application from AdIns.

What about the Business Intelligence Application Security System?

The Business Intelligence application from AdIns has an advanced and up-to-date security system so you don't have to worry. Our security system is also updated from time to time. We will ensure that all your company data contained in the application can only be accessed by certain parties according to initial approval.

Can it be accessed from multiple devices at once?

Our Business Intelligence applications can be accessed from multiple devices at once. Any party who has been approved to have access to the application can open it from various devices. The ease of access from these various devices makes our application system more flexible.

What If A Problem Occurs in Business Intelligence Tool?

The AdIns team is ready to provide our maximum support for you. We will immediately check and repair if there are problems with the application. You can contact us directly to report any problems. We are ready to provide improvements as soon as possible so that this Business Intelligence application can be used by you immediately.