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Grow Your Business With The Leading Core Systems In Multi Finance Industry

Achieve Business Growth, Operation Excellence, And Regulation Compliance With Integrated Core Multi Finance System.

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Proven With Undeniably Outstanding Result

  • 100 % successful project implementation rate
  • Experienced in handling big companies with high traffic transactions
  • In service for multi-finance for decades
  • Witnessing company’s growth from nothing to something

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Trusted Solution Among Financial Companies

core systems

Support Vast Variant of Business Lines

Every financial business lives have their own unique approach to the market, that's why CONFINS is adjusted to every line of financial businesses to bring the maximum potential of the industry.

core systems

Cutting Edge Technology To Make an Innovation

In This Industry 4.0 everything have to be automated including your business process engine. With CONFINS, everything will be handled and managed based on your existing rule engine.

Integrated Data Warehouse And Business Intelligent

Know your company even better with big data analytics and advanced algorithms to monitor your company performance & integrated risk management

Regulation Compliances

We understand that government regulations can change unpredictably and forces companies to adapt in short periods of time. Every module, feature and function in our core system is built & maintained to comply with OJK Regulations.

CONFINS is a market leader in terms of providing  software systems and solutions to the financial service industries, especially multi finance businesses. CONFINS suits greatly for financing solutions that have been used by most of respectable financing companies in Indonesia throughout the years.

Using CONFINS as our core system has made the company thrive in terms of operational excellence.

Kevin Susilo

I have never experienced a core system as advanced as AdIns’s CONFINS in my 15 years of career in multi finance company.

Dito Romanus

CONFINS is a must for a multi finance company. It has accompanied my company for 4 years and the system has yet to fail my company. AdIns did a great job for this product and yet they still think there’s a lot of room for improvement. Can’t wait !

Alexander Tedjo

CONFINS has come a long way and it still, in my opinion, the best core system out there for your company. Not only enjoyable for our company, but also to our customers. The true definition of technological advancement!

Theo Sujiatma

A great core system from a great company, CONFINS filled the gap in my company perfectly.

Nadia Tanjaya
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