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Multi-finance Core System

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Grow Your Business With The Leading Core System In Multi Finance Industry. Achieve Business Growth, Operation Excellence, And Regulation Compliance With Integrated Core Multi Finance System. 


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Mandatory Core System for Large Transactions Multi-finance

Multi-finance core system is the core of technological business operation support for multi-finance well being. Every process in the company is maintained and supported by layers of tier architectural system that focused to be the backbone of multi-finance with high rate of traffics and transactions.

Starting from application form and credit analysis until collection system is controlled and calculated precisely in

CONFINS. An easy to use analytic dashboard always helps, you can monitor every stage of multi-finance business pro-cess seamlessly at a glance. The new CONFINS.R3 is a flexible and adaptive platform created to support every multi-finance business processes. Complete your loan data processing needs with the three CONFINS.R3 modules: Loan Origination System, Loan Management System, and Collection Management System. Every module comply and always be in accordance with OJK and other gove

Journey of The Ancestry


Build in the year of 2000, this is the ancestor of the renowned Indonesian multi-finance core system. Started from when every digital calendar system collapsed and the start of Indonesian economic revival, eLoan is the FIRST application in Indonesia that was built with Microsoft .NET Framework and AdIns was happy to become one of the Microsoft .NET beta tester.


CONFINS is a 7-tier architectural web based financial core system that was built specifically for multi-finance company. With the advancement of the internet and expensive value to build WAN in that time, CONFINS suc-cessfully integrated and centralised every multi-finance branches. There is no more needs of server and database in any branches.


An end-to-end multi-finance core system that designed to be a game changing financial application and software. CONFINS.R2 is a derivative of eLoan which became AdIns debut in the year 2000 and dominate 69% of the market with more than 10 trillion worth of asset and 53% of the market with 5 – 10 trillion worth of asset.


Transparency, automation and high mobility are the key to achieve operational excellence in the modern day. There is a solution if you are planning not to buy the whole package, with CONFINS.R3 you could choose the most compatible module that you really need and we will integrate the whole system for you. Each and every module was designed specifically to minimise your time to market, auto-mate, and speed up the process. CONFINS.R3 is integrated with Dukcapil, Pefindo, SLIK, and other government institution to help you to validate your customer data and lowering fraud potential.

Come With Highly Sophisticated Modules

CONFINS.R3 is an adaptive platform to increase your competitive advantage and lead your corporate digital transforma-tion. Every module come with its own unique sets of features that will boost and manage your company performance to the limit by unlocking your true business potential.

Loan Origination System

The First Step to Decide Whether it is Good or Bad

Starting from application process, credit scoring, appraising collateral, until loan funding has been considered and thought out thoroughly by our teams of experts. Most of the times, fraud does not come from the outside party but it comes from the inside. With this problem in mind, preventing fraud from happening is not an easy task, thus CONFINS.R3 come to prevent it from happening and allowing you to ensure your applicant eligibility by integrating CONFINS.R3 with Dukcapil, Pefindo, SLIK, and other third party that help your credit scoring process become faster and more eligible.

, CONFINS Details, Advance Innovations

Loan Management System

Experienced in The Financing Industry for More Than Two Decades
Because we know that managing a huge number or prospective and existing account is not an easy task. Automation is needed to support your business operation especially if your multifinace is a retail company. AdIns has been serving various multifinance companies since 2000 and we know what we are doing. You will need a heavily structured system to manage your payment channel, auto debit system, or PDC maintenance. CONFINS.R3 will help you to organise and maintain your business operation neatly so that every account could be settled perfectly

Collection Management System

Deciding What Not to Do is as Important as Deciding What to Do

Every chance has its own risks. The decision priority is a crucial aspect of business continuity. Collection scoring is needed to classify which is the priority task and score the credit risk to avoid any bad debt. If a single phone call is enough to settle the loan, why do you have to waste a man-day and send them to collect the installments. With our machine learning, we can sort out and process every account’s risk status and make a priority action list that will be executed in your accordance

The Power House Features to Ease Your Pain

Developed to be the backbone of digital transformation in financial industry, CONFINS R3 is equipped with a handful
of service level and mobility oriented features that are highly adaptable with your existing approval and rule engine.
(Open Integration) Connected to Dukcapil , SLIK, and Pefindo

Financial industry has been facing all kinds of frauds in various way since decades ago. Do not score every individual account separately, analyse and gather up every detail to decide the one obligor. It should be defined by the agreement exposure, customer exposure, obligor exposure, or group exposure. The most important thing is, ensure your data validity to third party official institution such as Dukcapil, SLIK, and Pefindo to help you analyse your customer eligibility. 

(Self Custom) Lower Your Time to Market Exponentially 

In the multifinance industry, business development is moving dynamically, the term “time is money” is not just words, it’s the reality that they have to face. Every company need to adapt to their own consumer behaviour while stay in the path of OJK regulations. With CONFINS R3, you can customise your own core system without outside help and lower your time to market exponentially. 

(Operation & Analytic Dashboard) Built in Business Intelligence Analysis

Business process transparency is needed in order to make a healthier business environment. Print out your system generated report and analyse your own company’s performance in a flash. High level overview will be displayed and you can double check it with your existing report. With this transparent analytical dashboard, fraud and fake report will be reduced drastically. 

(Technologies & Architecture) High Mobility Oriented 

In this everchanging world of technology, mobility is one of the keys to enhance your business process. Working anytime and anywhere is not the future, it is now. CONFINS R3 was created to support access not just from desktop but from mobile device too. Our system architecture has been designed to be mobile and easily accessed from anywhere in order to make your business process more efficient and simpler. 

(OJK Regulation Compliance) Up to date With Government Regulation 

Government regulation and policy is changing from time to time to ensure Indonesia’s financial and economic growth without any means to inflict any loss in the financial industry itself. That is why CONFINS is always updated on government’s latest policy. Every modules, features and functions in our core system is built & maintained to comply with OJK Regulations. 

, CONFINS Details, Advance Innovations
, CONFINS Details, Advance Innovations
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