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Complete Your Digital Transformation Process

Working from home disrupts the approval process if you still doing everything manually, the hidden operational cost of photocopy, print, scan, and document delivery to your house often forgotten.

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Increasing ROI

Reduce hidden operational cost that previously ignored and increase your company’s return of investment (ROI) ratio by digitising the whole approval process.

No More Human Error

There are a lot of human factors that can disrupt the approval process such as the fragility of a paper document or just as simple as a misplaced signature. By digitizing the whole process, the human error risk will be drastically avoided.

Digitise & Digitalise

Together we are creating a paperless working environment by easily sign all of your documents anytime from anywhere. By integrating AdIns Digital Signature to your approval process, the complete digitalised business process is within your reach.

Legally Sign Your Digital Document

AdIns Digital Signature is not just as simple as placing your signature on a digital document, but we are also confirming that you are the legitimate person who approve the document.

Nowadays Digital Signature used as a modern alternatives in signing documents. With Digital Signature, people can sign documents faster and efficient in verification process.

Digital Signature makes approval faster

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Effective, saving time, and safer.

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I feel easier with the presence of E-Sign Application

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Good Application to use

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To use this application is not difficult at all

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Key Element of Digital Transformation Strategy

Regardless of what industry you belong to, manual information processing is a huge obstacle for efficiency.

Digital Signature

As we know, a signature has an important role in the proof of identity, as evidence to validate important documents, etc. Time flies and in this digitalization era come up innovation called Digital Signature. Digital Signature technology could help you sign documents without meeting in person or using paper documents. With all the conveniences that exist, there are often people who miss-use signatures such as for online data falsification. Digital Signature technology/ electronic signatures could be a solution for this problem because Digital Signature can validate the authenticity of a document, files, or even software. Other than that, not all digital signatures are the same, there is a digital signature that doesn’t have legal protection. Digital Signature / electronic signatures that can validate usually use a pin/ mathematical algorithm not using pen & paper. Digital Signature also make the process effective & efficient where documents can be sent by electronics and received only in minutes.

Public Key

Digital Signature / electronic signatures Solution Provider generally must follow public key infrastructure PKI protocol that provider must use a mathematical algorithm to obtain two long numeric that we called as keys. Public Key Infrastructure PKI is a requirement that allows creates digital signatures. Public Key Infrastructure PKI helps to reduce security issues related to transmitting public keys. This public key is used to validate signatory digital signatures. Mathematical Algorithms are used such as a password that can match between document and signature, and this is called hash/ encryption. Some points need to be checked in the digital signature, for example, the digital signature becomes invalid if there are changes in documents that have been signed.

Private Key

The private key should always be secured and kept by signers because a digital signature is created using the signer's private key. This private key is to encrypt the signature. So usually the user will use the public key to encrypt data then the user will use their private key to decrypt the data. A private key is a secret number used in cryptography, it's a large, random - generate a number with hundreds of digits. To find your private key, you can find it on a computer or server where you generate the key pair and CSR. Digital Signatures work is to prove digital message/ documents are not modified/ changed, intentionally from it was signed. Below are some benefit from using Digital Signature:

1. Efficient

Using Digital Signature / electronic signatures will be more efficient because the signing process, saving, and exchanging documents could take a few days will be easier and the user could access and sign directly. And of course validation process will be faster.

2. Eco Friendly

Using digital signatures/ electronic signatures means we don’t use paper and automatically reduce physical waste.

3. Easy to Find

Digital Signature/ electronic signatures could make it easier in tracing audits and internal recordings. This also could reduce the error that could be done from the signature.

4. Accepted by global and legal law

Public Key Figure has standards made by Digital Signature Solution Provider so it could be stored safely. Digital Signature/ electronic signature are also accepted in many countries because it has a legally binding nature. So it could save Digital Signature/ electronic signature use feature and methods to make sure document contents not changed and signature is legitimate. Security in digital signature/ electronic signature such as :

1. Time Stamping

Time stamping tells when the document was signed (date and time of signing) this needs to be considered, especially stock trading typing, legal processes, etc

2. Certificate Authority

Certificate Authority CA is a trusted third party. Using a Certificate Authority CA can avoid creating fake digital certificates. These are things needed for digital signatures to verify the authenticity of the signature.

3. Pin/Password/code

The pin/code/password functions to verify and authenticate the identity of the recipient as well as those who approve the signature.

4. Cyclic Redundancy Checking

This CRC is used to detect any changes that occur in the raw data.

5. Trust Service Provider Validation

This Trust Service Provider is an institution tasked with validating digital signatures and offering signature validation reports.

6. Asymmetric Cryptography

This asymmetric cryptography uses public-key algorithms including encryption or authentication related to public and private keys. Currently, the majority of modern email already supports the use of digital signatures/ electronic signatures and digital certificates. The target is to make it easier to sign outgoing emails as well as to validate incoming messages that have been digitally signed. Digital signatures are also used for data integrity, transactions over the internet, proof of authenticity, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Signature can speed up document transactions within your company, Reduce Errors that occur on a Paper-based system, easy to migrate into your digital workflow, more efficient and faster in processing large volumes of documents.
Yes, One account can have two Digital Signatures. One is in the interest of the company, the other one for personal interest.
Authentication in Digital Signature is a process to ensure the authenticity of the identity of the signer of a document or message.
Yes, here are some regulations regarding Digital signatures - Article 11 paragraph 1 of Law Number 11 of 2008 which was changed to Law Number 19 of 2016 concerning Electronic Information and Transactions (UU ITE). - Article 59 - Article 64 Government Regulation Number 71 of 2019 concerning Electronic System and Transaction Operators
Please submit a complaint through your IT support then to JIRA and we will immediately help with any technical difficulties.