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Document Processing System

Our Team of experts with a large pool of data entry / data verifier staffs are able to help you to process your documents and let you focus on your more strategic business processes.

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  • Credit Card application data capture
  • Consumer credit application data capture
  • Customer documents digitalization for verification


  • Increased productivity that comes from a team of dedicated people doing specific tasks
  • Better & Controlled SLA across branches through the implementation of centralized processing
  • Less hassle in managing human resources in branches ( recruitment, development, compensation, etc )
  • Less administrative tasks will allow the organisation to have more focus on its business competencies
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), better bottom line figures

Our Team

Large Number of Qualified Workers Workers Are Screened And Trained To Become The Best As A Specialized Data Entry Tasks Fields:

  • Fast typing, data validation
  • And verification skills
  • Accurate with very minimum error
  • And deliver high data quality

Large Number of Worker Database Continuously Performance Monitoring Skill Improvement Attractive Incentive Scheme For Data Entry To Improve Result

Dedicated Quality Control Worker To Ensure Data Security and Quality

Experienced In Handling High Volume Transaction

Government project with 7 million document per month

National survey with 550 million document

Application data capture for the biggest banks & Multi-Finances

Digitalisation of banking operation

Serving National & International market

Document Processing Center Facility And Security

Our Document Processing Center at Malang

Dedicated Building

Dedicated devices of high speed scanner, PC/Notebook

Internet connectivity 24 hours

24 Hours security with CCTV & restrictions on access to workspaces by using Proximity Card + PIN

Physical document pickup & delivery

Company Information

Please use a valid email address and phone number. Brochure and further follow up of your request will be sent directly to your email.

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Outsource Data Entry Service For Your Business 

Optimizing company performance can be done optimally if it is supported by a professional team. Even though the HR in your company is still not able to do optimal things, especially regarding the data entry system, now there is no need to be confused anymore. Your business operations in obtaining data entry and verification of large amounts of data can be supported by AdIns with Outsource Data Entry Services.

Data entry services from AdIns can be utilized by Multifinance companies with various supports. We can retrieve credit card application data, customer credit applications, and digitize customer documents to make verification easier. So your data entry is more impactful.

Multifinance business does have a large amount of data, so it requires the support of other parties in carrying out data entry. Data entry outsourcing company like use can increase your company's productivity with the support of a highly dedicated team in carrying out various specific jobs.

Our work system is also controlled in all branches by using a centralized process implementation. Using the Data Entry Services team from AdIns also brings convenience in HR management because we are the ones doing the recruitment, development, compensation, and others.

Every business must have a target to be achieved according to a certain period. If your business is too focused on data entry, then achieving the target becomes more difficult. However, our services make administrative work within your company to a minimum. Your company can focus more on business development to get targets.

Another advantage of Data Entry Services from AdIns is the low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The company can generate more profit. The right data entry team system for your Multifinance business should not be missed. Our commitment to optimally support your business creates the right operations. So we recommend outsourcing data entry for Multifinance business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our team that works professionally already has its own work system so you don't need to control it. Each individual in the Data Entry Services team has undergone training and experience in carrying out administrative work, including using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word. You only need to control whether the data entered is complete and use that data for business activities.
Your company document data that is in our hands can be guaranteed to be safe. We have implemented the rules for no one of the members of the Data Entry Services team to misuse the data. We are ready to ensure that all company data can be safe as long as using the services of AdIns.
You don't have to do direct monitoring. Our team will provide periodic reports on how the progress of online data input services for all your company documents is progressing. The reports provided are detailed so that you can understand the work of our team at all times.
Problems can occur at any time. If a problem arises, we will immediately report it to you. We will also immediately look for the best solution and offer how to solve the problem so that it is resolved.