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Multi-Finance Mobility Suite

Mobility is the key to survive in this everchanging world of technology. Where every gadget, working performance, and user behaviour were able to be monitored remotely, AdIns will equip your company with a mobility solution for all of this needs.

Now is the Time For You to See the Reality

This is the era when everyone can access internet from wherever and whenever they want, when computer is in your pocket, and smartphone could be bought with affordable price. Mobile devices these days allow its user to use word processing application, excel, and many other applications that support your working experience. With this statement in mind, multi-finance should take advantage of this condition.
As a decision maker, considering the next move require a solid prove and valid data in order to be analysed. It is not wrong to completely trust your subordinate, but it is wrong to blindly trust them. FIMS come with various actor-oriented modules that will allow you to manage your field officers remotely and monitor their performance real-time through monitoring dashboard. Ensure their location and task completion validity with a mobile application.


FIMS is an actor-oriented mobile app that helps multi-finance company to lead a digital transformation and let their employees to work from mobile device. See the reality that happened on the field and avoid false report from your subordinates by monitor their location and performance real-time.

Application Form Digitalisation & Order Monitoring
We provide the solutions for your dealers or business partners, allowing you to accelerate potential sales. You can also reduce unnecessary data entry by booking directly through mobile devices.
Know Surveyor’s Exact Location in Real-time
We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.
Ensure the Collected Money and Collection Activity
Facing the challenge to control the collection activity effectively, manage and monitor your collectors easily by limiting their cash on hand and ensure their location.
Engage Your Customer Directly Through Mobile App
Mobile customer self-service application is needed to make loan and credit application more convenience. The Growth of Millennial market change customer’s behaviour and financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of conventional company. AdIns helps finance company to increase customer engagement and penetrate to millennial market.


High mobility is one of the important factor to survive in this rapid progression of digital transformation. Equip your field officers with a mobile app that will make their job easier. Each and every feature was designed to support field work in remote area and ensuring collected data validity.
Full Offline Support
Because We Understand
That Sometime We Lose
Internet Connection
We are accommodating field officers that on duty in remote area where telecommunication signal is almost unreachable.  

  • Task can be completed offline
  • Parameters/LOV (List of Value) are synchronised at login
  • Downloaded Task can be seen with an indicator
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GPS Indicator
Exact Location is Important
This feature is used to indicate the GPS accuracy. Your field officer will know the Geo Location Accuracy when taking photo.
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Online Attendance
Forget Visiting The Office
Everyday, Submit Your Attendance
For checking-in Attendance Based on defined area In Branch area or user’s area. Predefined submit area decision will be made by multi-finance
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Push Notification

Make Communication Even Faster
With Your Team On The Field

Used by supervisor to inform field officer directly through the application
about priority task or system maintenance

Dynamic Form

No Programming Skill Needed to
Customise Your Mobile Application

Easily customise your questionnaire through back end without any programming skill

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, FIMS Details, Advance Innovations
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