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Your IT Department should no longer take care of the small things such as server, network, and security. Let your IT Department focus on developing the new system to maximise your business development.

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Services 4.0

The ever changing world of technology has brought us into this 4.0 era where everything have to be automated and sophisticated. AdIns has change our perspective of how IT should work. - James Richard Susilo

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Virtual IT Department

Solutions that we provide

Starts from consultation, implementation, and further recommendation for the future. Our solution will give you the most sophisticated Virtual IT Department experience.

Manage Everything On The Cloud

This Is The Era of Emerging Technology

Why do you need a physical network infrastructure if you can store and manage everything on cloud? aCloud come to simplify and maximise your cost efficiency especially to start up your company from scratch. We will also help you to build a robust and secure infrastructure on the cloud.

Network Status at a Glance

Simplified Network Monitoring Dashboard

Not just monitor your network infrastructure performance but also SUPRBOARD will give you insight and prediction on your upcoming data traffic and your server fitness.

Qualified & Certified

AdIns as a solution provider has received a handful of certification from Microsoft, Cisco, Alibaba, CMMI, and ISO. We have been acknowledged as The Best Solution Provider by Alibaba Cloud in 2019.

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AdIns Mobile has an experience for more than a decade and has been helping financial institutions to do a process improvement with mobile solutions since then. We have successfully implemented AdIns Mobile starting from small companies to big companies with a wide range of user varieties.

In this era of mobile phone, AdIns Mobile provides the best solution for our company to help to connect with our customers and employees.

Dewi Nainggolan

As a company, we have more control over our operations with the help of AdIns’s mobile. Monitoring has never been easier and it is by the far the best mobile solution we had.

Roland Padjajaran

Yet another amazing product by AdIns. I have used mobile survey and collection for a year and it shows significant effect on my company's performance.

Robert Aliwarga

With mobile customer by AdIns, i have never been this close to the customers.

Gaia Elektra

Good feedback from the employees and customers. AdIns’s products never failed me.

Jonathan Gouw
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Other Product

Document Processing

Our Team of experts with a large pool of data entry/data verifier staffs are able to help you to process your documents and let you focus on your more strategic business processes.