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Spend Too Much Time Just Searching For Your Document?

DMS (Document Management System)


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Even though it sounds simple, but Lite DMS by AdIns is amazing. My digital documents have never been so organized. It is a reliable and trusted system, I would use it as long as I can.

Christina Apsari

Spend Too Much Time Just Searching For

Your Document?

Document digitalisation and document management system is an effective key for the efficiency of your business’ process.

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Content Management

Archive your document with metadata to easily locate your specific document using page per page download view.

Record Management

Retain and record every document, use watermark and encrypted files as a security measure.

Application Settings

Configure your application to be more detailed and show approval processes for each documents.

Data Interfacing Services

Could be accessed anywhere anytime via direct link on web browser service.

Lite DMS is build to make document management more convenient. There is no longer any difficulty to locate any specific document in a blink of an eye.

Very simple documents manager and easy to use. 10/10 easily.

Nicholas Christanto

From all of AdIns's product, Lite DMS is one of my favourite. it is a reliable and fantastic software for my company.

Keila Juganda

At first I thought Lite DMS only provides a solution for storing documents, but after a year, this product is way more than that. By using Lite DMS, my company finds success in document management which is a key indicator for my good operations.

Wisnu Zulkarnain

When it comes to data managament, Lite DMS is my go to. it is simple, reliable and integrated. I'm not planning to change software anytime soon.

Kanya Mumtaz

Big company means big data. Managing them is one of the problems that my company faced in the past. luckily there was AdIns's Lite DMS.

Stefanus Pramundityo
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