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Key Element of Digital Transformation Strategy

Regardless of what industry you belong to, manual information processing is a huge obstacle for efficiency.

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Augmenting Customer Experience

Filing information manually, is not only, slow and laborious, but is also subject to human error and delays. Ease your customer experience and reduce human error. 

Just Scan Your Document

AdIns Intelligent Data Capture can capture various government documents such as KTP, NPWP, Kartu Keluarga, STNK, and BPKB to be input into the system accurately.

No More Manual Input

Our artificial intelligence will automatically fill in every single field needed in the application form based on the presented document by using a custom machine learning algorithm. 

With OCR, it can certainly make your customers save a lot of time and energy in the credit application process. By enhancing your customer experience with OCR technology you can build user dependency and grow your mobile application user.

In my opinion OCR technology (optical character recognition) helps business flow, especially in the data collection process/data entry

Nadia Pramestuti

OCR technology (optical character recognition) makes office works easier and more efficient

Vincentius Martin Lie

OCR (optical character recognition) suitable for multi finance company

Gilbert Soegiarto

For over 15 years I worked in a company, I just try new things (OCR) that makes work easier

Dwi Armenda

OCR (optical character recognition) is a good software to use by a company

Yanny Sandya
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Working from home disrupts the approval process if you still doing everything manually, the hidden operational cost of photocopy, print, scan, and document delivery to your house often forgotten.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition or known as OCR (optical character recognition) is an optical character recognition software that functions to assist humans in automating operational work in companies. When OCR is combined with Intelligent Document Extraction (IDE) it can greatly increase the efficiency of employee tasks. Before that, let's discuss what is OCR technology? OCR is a technology that is designed to convert images containing text into digital data and of course, can be read by machines (machine-readable) which are known as Machine Learning. So the outline of the OCR software will scan images and photos and at this stage, the OCR software also identifies symbols & characters contained in the document.

Optical Character Recognition OCR Process

Scan Image/ scanned paper -> optical character recognition OCR (extract text) -> Text Document For the OCR extract process part, you cannot do it alone, because it will only produce a raster image, therefore OCR is also used in conjunction with Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

OCR Software

This OCR (optical character recognition OCR) can be used to convert various types of documents, scanned conventional paper, pdf, and even images photographed with a camera into machine-readable data that can be searched and edited through ocr software. The purpose of the presence of OCR is to facilitate digital editing. Did you know in choosing OCR software you need to choose carefully because if you choose the wrong one it can also lead to failure In choosing an OCR software vendor affects the success of the company's project as well. With OCR, it can certainly make employees save a lot of time and energy in processing existing documents. Because this scanning takes a very short time. Usually, OCR is found in scanners, applications, or even other tools and OCR will identify letter by letter contained in documents or images. So the result is not an image/ jpg but a letter that is recognized by the word processing program. With the help of OCR, companies can process the digitization of writing.

The following are some of the functions of OCR (Optical Character Recognition):
1. Scanner

Of course, OCR is used as a scanner because the function is to scan and generate data that can facilitate work. For example, a book that has a lot of pages if it has to be rewritten will take a very long time, with OCR we only need to scan using a device that is connected to OCR. Workers do not need to worry about pages in the book, just scan used ocr because OCR can recognize words/ text on the book and convert it to machine-readable characters. It becomes so much easier to edit words on books/ scan pages of books. You can try it at home, search the book you have then try to scan some pages using ocr, it should be so much helpful. page and words are not a big deal anymore.

2. Convert photos/images into documents/text

For Multi finance companies, OCR is especially useful for acquiring customers to be more accurate, faster, and guaranteed authentic. OCR also helps to speed up the data entry process from digital data so that information can be filled in automatically. In addition, the presence of OCR really helps the acquisition process to be fast and smooth. With the right data and the right eKYC, multi-finance companies don't have to worry about human error. What is the difference between OCR and scanners? In general, ordinary scanners can only produce an output file in JPG/PDF format which cannot be edited, while OCR produces output in the form of editable text. With the presence of OCR, workers do not need to rewrite a document that takes a long time, just scan using OCR and then edit the output text directly without having to wait a long time. With the presence of OCR, workers do not need to rewrite a document using handwritten that takes a long time, just scan using OCR and then edit the output directly without having to wait a long time using a device you have such as a handphone or computer. Nowadays, OCR is also available as an Online OCR, it has a similar feature to a scanned file such as printed paper / printed documents/ pdf/ image to text characters. This online ocr helps to make work easier because it can be used anywhere. Online ocr gives some benefits for users. In this era, companies should try to use online ocr to scan files such as printed paper/ pdf/ documents/ image to text characters. Before getting our apps, you can try free online OCR software, you can find it on the internet for example google/ bing/ etc. Sometimes free ocr is good enough for finding the experience to use the advanced OCR software. steps to use it usually similar, first upload the pdf files then the ocr with convert it to word file/ text documents

Frequently Asked Question

Why Companies Should Use OCR?

OCR Speeds up your company's document processing which reduces errors that occur in humans when filling out documents, so there is no need for manual input

Does OCR Work In Every Language?

Yes, OCR can recognize any language by first conducting an assessment to meet the needs of the company.

Does OCR Work In every Font?

Yes, this OCR can work for all fonts. However, the Company must carry out an assessment first to adjust it to the required fonts that are needed.

How long does it take to implement OCR to your company?

OCR can be implemented for your company within 2-3 days.

What should I do if I have problems operating OCR?

Please submit a complaint through your IT support then to JIRA and we will immediately help with any technical difficulties.