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Grab The Milennial Market With Millennial Manner

AdIns understands that financial company needs to improve its existing process in order to cope with milennial behaviour.

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We wanted to give the best service to our customers with the help of advancement of technology, AdIns’s Profind help us to achieve that dream.

Bryan Febrianto

The Easy Way To Browse Your Prospective Ideal Customer Profile

Connected with more than 10 most used online services such as Ride Sharing, E-Commerce, Travel Application, E-Wallet, Bank, Government, etc.

Make prospective customer profile, customer types and customer based search in credit process easier, faster, and more accurate for targeted customer segmentation.

Capture Alternative Data

We capture alternative data using machine learning to reach the underserved market.

Digitizing KYC & Application Process

We automate the verification of personel information, address and income.

Use of Daily Transactional Accounts


  • Verified personal information
  • Real transaction and behaviour data

Address Points, Ring-1 Phone No, Utility Expenses, Spending, Income, and many more

Customer Profile Score and Dashboard

Manage Your Risk With Profind

Comprehensive Risk Management Solution For Your Company

Truly fruitful. Profind has boosted our company’s strength to reach the market, increasing our profits.
Bimo Angkawibawa
Throughout the time, the market has become wider and wider and catching up to it starting to become strenuous. But with Profind, it feels like my company is in pace to hit the market as our competitors do.
Wei Li
Profind helps me to represent the typical users and understand the market deeply and it has helped my company to strive in the competition.
Jack Setiabudi
With the help of customer profiling Profind by AdIns, my company was able to search and fill the gap in the demand of market. truly remarkable.
William Tanujaya
My company goal is giving credit to trustworthy customers. Profind help us to achieve it and now it is proven by our company's profit index after using it.
Michel Jhon Laurent
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Grab The Milennial Market With Millennial Manner

Young adults or millennials are probably the most targeted demographics, so many industries try to understand what they are thinking, or what they want. Millennial, is a term that is often associated with words like "tech-savvy," "self-absorbed," and "free spirited". Some members of this group probably related to some of this adjective, one could easily argue that other generations possess these same qualities. But why do they choose millennials?

Long-term potential of millennials buying power is one of the reasons. Some of them haven't hit their peak purchasing power due to the idea of starting a family or trying to gain self-actualization and knowing their place in society, but they are certainly heading that way, and so many brands or industries realize the importance of getting in front of them early. One of the industry that are trying to reach them is the financial industry.

As stated before, so many of them are still struggling to manage their own finances, they also display lower financial literacy than older working-age adults, that is why so many companies in the financial industry try to reach them. But, this process isn’t easy at all. Profiling the potential customer can take so much effort.

That is why AdIns comes with a solution, PROFIND, improving your company's existing process in profiling the potential customer in order to cope with millennial behavior. This app will help you to identify your potential market, and understand them. Paved the way for your company to reach your target market.

It is providing you with an easy way to browse your prospective ideal customer profile, with so many useful data because this app is connected with more than 10 most used online services such as Ride Sharing, E-Commerce, Travel Application, E-Wallet, Bank, Government, etc. This app will help you create the prospective customer profile, customer types and customer based search in credit process easier, faster, and more accurate for targeted customer segmentation. One of way we do this is by using machine learning and capture alternative data to reach the underserved market.

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive training in using this customer profiling application from our professional team. We will provide training so that you can use one of the applications from AdIns optimally. We make sure you understand all the features contained in the application so that you can feel all the benefits.
We guarantee that the customer profiling application security system is well maintained. All of your customer information and data cannot be accessed by unauthorized parties. Our security system is also always updated from time to time to make it even better and safer.
You can request your specific additional online services to AdIns, and we will come back to you shortly to inform which online services is suitable to help your credit scoring process and which doesn’t.
If there is a problem that occurs in the customer profiling system from AdIns, you can immediately report it to us. We will immediately check the problem. AdIns support is ready to fix any problems so you can easily profile your customer again.