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Are You Getting A Surprise Phone Call Late Night?

Troubleshooting your network with sleepy eyes?

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Network Infrastructure Status At A Glance


Predict The Unpredictable With Simplified Network Monitoring System

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Network Management

  • Router And Switch Management
  • Interface Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • PBX Monitoring

Server Management

  • Windows/Linux Server Monitoring
  • VMWare & HyperV Monitoring

Application Performance Management

  • ProApp State Monitoring
  • App Response Time Monitoring & SSL Status

Fault Monitoring

  • Alarm Created To Indicate The Fault
  • Supports Lots Of Notification Channel

Resource Analysis

  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Disk Usage Growth Monitoring
  • Free Disk Space Prediction
  • UPS Monitoring

Works With Many Network Performance Tools

SUPRBOARD helps user to make a countermeasure against the fluctuation of the networking infrastructure, people tend to only use their intuition, but SUPRBOARD use valid data to highlight the exact source of errors

With SUPRBOARD you don't have to be an IT Specialist to understand the mechanical language of a server.

Rio Fabian

As expected from AdIns, an excellent service combined with an amazing innovation. Absolutely worth your money and time.

Nicholas Thong

Our decision making process especially about IT Infrastructure, network, and server has improved significantly since our company implemented SUPRBOARD. It gave us plenty of insights of our own infrastructure.

Ary Simatupang

Back then our IT Department is struggling with the server fluctuation performance. With SUPRBOARD everything is monitored, there is no surprise phone call late night anymore.

Petrus Hadiwidjaja

SUPRBOARD helps us to understand the maximum limitation and potentiality of our IT Infrastructure.

M Andi Irfansyah
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Network, one of an important part of many industries today. Especially for companies that have actually implemented technology in their various business activities in the form of an IT Infrastructure.

With the construction of an IT Infrastructure, of course, network monitoring activities will be very influential. If a problem occurs and it is not handled quickly and appropriately, of course, the consequence is wasted time and disrupted productivity. A quick response will certainly be very beneficial, especially if it can be accessed through a single system.

SUPRBOARD is a network monitoring system that will greatly facilitate this activity. You can execute various things through one dashboard that is easy to operate. Make the work of your IT team easier.