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Strategic IT Consulting

Strategic consultancy service in area of IT Infrastructure by providing advisory and managerial services to meet company short or long term IT Objectives.

Virtual CIO & CTO

Designed to assist SMBs in aligning their IT Strategic plan with the overall Strategic Plan of the organisation.

IT Management

Provide an ongoing IT support, technical projects, and expert on demand that related to network & IT Infrastructure.

Service Desk

  • 24x7 online support
  • Private helpdesk support
  • On premise helpdesk support

Network Security Services

Reduce costs and complexity of network security, reduce security risk and reduce the compliance burden. Ensure your business continuity with disaster recovery system.

General Features



The Growth of Millenial market change customer's behaviour and financial industry. There is a solution to answer the impracticality of conventional industry. AdIns helps financing company to increase customer engagement and penetrate to millenial market.




We believe that survey process is important to ensure the quality of your prospective customer experience. By conducting the solution, company will have the ability to control and monitor field surveyors on the job.

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Other Product

Integrated Core Multi Finance System enabled by AdIns

Facing the ever growing complexity of multifinance business there has been a better help than CONFINS. Developed to meet the needs of financing companies. CONFINS offers a state-of-the-art, web-based core application system that provide a more efficient foundation for business operations by minimising manual activities, increasing productivity, ensuring data consistency, automating the creation of legal documents, generating comprehensive dashboards & reports, and providing smart queries and secure processing.