Ruang Inovasi: Holistic IT Management

Ruang Inovasi: Holistic IT Management

Stepping up to the next level of IT Business Development​

IT personnel are often only used to repair networks and errors that occur on laptops and computers in the company, Therefore the potential of IT personnel has not been utilized effectively. Where these IT personnel can help companies to transform into the digital world. Digitalization trend in companies that has been discussed and considered for a long time, Opening Opportunities in transforming and creating a holistic business strategy with IT Management as Business Development.

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Date          : Monday, 25 July 2022
Time          : 14:00 – 15:30 WIB
Platform      : Zoom Online Meeting

Are You Ready To Be a Holistic Minded IT Leader?

  • Technology as a Part of Human Evolution​
  • Understanding The Digital Trend​
  • IT as a Business Development Pioneer
  • Adaptive Virtual IT Department​

Recommended for IT Head for all lines of Business.

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11 July 2022